How to Follow Through on Your Creative Ideas

Written By Alla Levin
March 08, 2018
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How to Follow Through on Your Creative Ideas

Even the least creatively-minded people sometimes have that lightbulb moment, a Eureka that shouts at you for a brief instant to follow through on a great idea.

It can be anything from creating a piece of art to coming up with a smart solution to an interior design problem; the sad thing is that rarely are these flashes of brilliance carried through to completion.

If you find that you continue to have flash-in-the-pan ideas that quickly evaporate never to be seen again, then perhaps you’ll find these tips particularly helpful in avoiding pipe dream and completing creative projects with energy and enthusiasm.

Make Notescreative ideas

The creative impulse is one that doesn’t linger, especially when you have a busy and stressful day-to-day life.

So, if you ever come up with something brilliant that you feel momentarily inspired to set out to make, stop it from floating away in the tide of unused ideas by jotting it down in a notebook, putting a reminder on your phone, or even speaking into a dictaphone.

Latching onto moments of creativity like this is a significant first step towards channeling more creative energy into your life.

Even if you have an incredibly busy schedule that doesn’t permit you to focus, for the time being, it’ll be lodged somewhere in your note-taking apparatus for when you’ve got a spare second.

Compile all of these notes into a list now and then, which you can consult whenever you’re at a loose end.

Make Time

art is one of the very best activities

It’s easy to persuade yourself that an act of artistic creativity, while fun, relaxing and therapeutic, is a waste of time because you aren’t getting paid for it, and therefore you feel it has no value.

If you’re honest with yourself, though, this is a misleading way of thinking. If you place any value on your mental wellbeing, art is one of the very best activities to make time for in your life.

To find the time to pursue some creative projects from start to finish, have a good comb through your weekly routine and see what space you can create for artistic endeavors.

You might see that you spend way too long on the phone, too much time in front of the TV, or hours drinking at the bar when you could be doing something a whole lot more productive and enjoyable.

Cut down on bad habits to make room for new better ones – you’ll notice the difference it has on your life.

Buy Equipment

necessary paints

There’s nothing quite like a lack of resources to hamper how you carry through on an idea that you’ve had, noted down and made time to work on.

There are some rudimentary items that you should invest in if you’ve made the positive step to indulge your creative side more.

Depending on exactly what you’ll likely want to create, you should buy the necessary paints, and the most important tools and equipment that will help you get straight down to it once you’ve found the time.

The best thing about buying equipment is that it’s a gift that’ll keep giving for years; paints, for example, take a long time to run out.

Tools are made to last a lifetime. Materials, like balsa wood or fabric, can be used in a wide variety of creative or constructive tasks. So really, there’s no reason not to head out to the store and buy whatever equipment you’re excited to apply to your creative project.

Learn Useful Techniques

the Mueller Corporation

The internet is awash with tutorial videos, craft websites, art blogs and all kinds of niche information that will help guide you if you’re completely inexperienced in creative techniques, or if you feel you need some advice on how to get it right.

You don’t want to bodge your arty project, so use the resources out there for information and techniques that you can copy.

This is not to mention a far more enjoyable real-world learning experience – art classes. It might be precisely the confidence-building and know-how training weekly event that will kickstart your creative future; you’ll meet like-minded creative souls who’re there to have fun, meet people, and hone their unique style of expressing themselves creatively.

You’ll find as much inspiration in an art class as you do from hours of trawling the web.

Familiarize Yourself with Helpful Companies

Check out some tips on how to finish what you’ve started

While a creative project should always remain deeply personal, something you do to show yourself you can make great things with your hands and mind, it can’t hurt to engage with companies that can lend helping hands or finishing touches to your work.

CUSTOM VACUUM CHROME PLASTICS AND CUSTOM PAINTINGFor example, the Mueller Corporation offers chrome finishes on items to give them a beautiful sheen, while your local framer will be able to suggest the best way of framing your painting and a company specializing in woodwork will be able to give you guidance on how exactly to make the best writing desk possible.

Enlisting help in whatever avenue you’re going down will open up an array of new contacts who’ll be more than glad to contribute to your end product, even if it’s just with their passion and specific advice.

Creative Ideas: Finish it, Whatever You Do

How many times have you started a project but let it fall by the wayside when other elements of your life need prioritizing higher than your creative work?

The answer will be countless! Some people lose confidence, others experience setbacks, others just get bored, but there is little point in starting a project if you’re not dedicated to seeing it through to its conclusion.

Check out some tips on how to finish what you’ve started, and maintain the energy and enthusiasm you initially had for your creative ideas project throughout the time you work on it.

Even if it can feel like a drag, the psychological benefits of finishing something to the best of your ability have wide-ranging positive effects on your self-esteem, confidence, and future creativity.

Creative ideas should be cherished and treated with reverence. After all, they can be so fleeting and rare.

If you find yourself occasionally frustrated by your lack of creative ambition to follow through on a project, hopefully, this guide has given you some pointers on how to grasp your next idea and follow it through from concept to final product.

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