Las Vegas vs Macau.

Written By Alla Levin
March 14, 2018

Las Vegas vs Macau.

Most people think of Las Vegas as the casino capital of the world. With its bright lights, main strip and a large number of casinos which are there, it is an obvious conclusion.

Indeed, Las Vegas is an entertainment-packed city which is absolutely perfect if you want to experience good casinos, great food and drink and a truly unique place. However, somewhat surprisingly, statistics over at CasinoSites show that Vegas has faced very strong competition in the last decade, particularly from Macau, a place near China.

This city has been a major gambling hotspot since 2002 and has an increasing number of tourists each year, thanks to the huge amount of new casinos which are being built. Even some of the most historic and best established Las Vegas casinos are branching out to Macau!

Las Vegas and Macau are both huge cities with 640,174 and 612,167 residents respectfully. Although Las Vegas still attracts more annual visitors – 42.9 million in 2017 – Macau is fast catching up and brought in 30 million gamblers last year.

Las Vegas is still as popular as ever with US-based visitors, with 49% of sin city’s visitors coming from the Western United States, whereas Macau is largely visited by Chinese tourists. Two-thirds of all visitors come from China and another quarter from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Want to learn more about Las Vegas vs Macau? Check out our infographic below.infographic-lasvegas-vs-macau-jpg

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