5 Available Ways to Pay Online

Written By Alla Levin
May 31, 2018
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Available Ways to Pay Online

If you are a beginning player at Canadian online casino such as, select the payment method in advance. Moreover, the choice today is very extensive. It starts with traditional bank cards and ending with innovative cryptocurrency.

The Most Popular Payment Methods Online

Payment systems of a casino are a legal method of paying for services of online games. It will be necessary for clients for placing of rates by real money. The choice of a certain payment system depends on the personal preferences of the player, currency of the cash account, or its availability in the list provided by the online institution itself.

Therefore, if a user plans to register on gambling sites, he will need to prepare one of the payment options in advance. Let’s learn about the main advantages and disadvantages of each of the methods in an online casino.

SKRILLadvantage of using Skrill

To use the system there is no need to download software to the computer, and all operations are conducted on the site. Several levels of data encryption ensure greater reliability of all services performed.

+ The advantage of using Skrill is the fact that it can be used to withdraw funds from online establishments.

+ The big plus of Skrill is that this system can be found in almost all online casinos.

+ Replenishment of the deposit with the help of Skrill passes quickly and does not cause any difficulties.

+ Money is credited to your deposit almost instantly.

– Speaking of shortcomings, Skrill does not allow anonymity of users, and then there can be no question of confidentiality; that is, your name will be visible to all users with whom you will carry out monetary transactions.


To date, more than a million people use the WebMoney payment system. It began its work as a convenient tool for buying goods on the Internet.

+The implementation of cash transactions using the WebMoney in online casinos is a fairly reliable method since the payment system itself guarantees security.

+You can withdraw money from the site.

-The only drawback is that not all online casinos provide the opportunity to use it to conduct cash transactions.

PayPaldistinctive feature of the PayPal

One of the most popular available ways to pay online is PayPal. A distinctive feature of PayPal is that it uses real money for settlements, and not all kinds of title signs like most other similar systems.

+The advantages of using PayPal include simplicity in handling. There is also a high degree of reliability, a large prevalence in the world online casinos and the ability to withdraw money.

-Cons is the inability to remain anonymous.

Visaplayers use Visa cards

Many players use Visa cards to replenish the deposit and withdraw money since, for a long time, credit cards were the only way to make money transactions on the Internet.

And despite the fact that today there are many alternative payment systems, they remain quite popular. Visa card is one of such bank cards.

+The advantages of Visa card is the speed of money transfer, convenience in use, in many casinos there is the possibility of withdrawing money and accessibility as a means of payment in almost all online casinos.

-The disadvantages include theoretically possible risks when using it and the limitations encountered when withdrawing funds from it.

Ways to Pay Online – CryptocurrencyCryptocurrency

What made bitcoin so popular can be especially useful for casino players. Bitcoin fits into the architecture of the gaming industry in a very natural way.

+ Any payment made with the help of cryptocurrency will almost completely preserve your anonymity.

+ Bitcoin casinos are also free to work in many areas where gambling is prohibited. They also operate where the government is trying not to allow the transfer of funds to sites.

+ Since bitcoins do not work in standard banking systems. They cannot be regulated as easily as real money.

+When processing such payments, there is almost no payment for transactions, even if such a fee is charged, it is often only a few cents.

– Speaking about the disadvantages, we can name the fact that not all casinos have implemented this opportunity. However, taking into account the growing popularity of blockchain technology, this is a matter of time.

Summarizing, the choice of the payment system in an online casino depends on the players’ preferences regarding ease of use and the desired currency. Choose the most convenient available ways to pay online and let’s play!

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