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How to Earn Cryptocurrency Playing Bitcoin Casino

One of the ways that you can earn bitcoins easily is by playing casino games in both online and land-based betting sites. At the moment bitcoins are the most used and best-known cryptocurrency. To cater to lovers of betting games, there are several Bitcoin Casino sites accepting it as a form of payment.

However, since cryptocurrency is still a new phenomenon to many, it’s not widely used. To get some bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, some people mine while others go to exchanges to swap some cash for the cryptos.

What if you were told that there’s an easier, more entertaining way for earning the bitcoins? Fortunately for you today, we are going to cover several casino gambling games that you can play and receive crypto rewards. The sections below will be taking you through some games that you can play to get bitcoins.

They are all pretty relaxing just like the regular free slot machine casino games, and they come with an added perk; you will enjoy playing them as you earn yourself some bitcoins.

Here is the page dedicated to slots with bitcoin cryptocurrency. We have grouped these games into four main sections so that you can easily pick your favorite kind.

Earning Bitcoins by Playing Flash Games at Bitcoin Casino

Flash games are instant play games which you can enjoy through your browser without having to download and install any software on your computer. Some of the most popular titles that you can play and earn some bitcoins are;

  • Cash clamber this allows you to create your games and even play them with your friends. Whenever you make any progress or success, you get awarded with bitcoins. And once you earn a suitable amount you can start withdrawing from your registered account.
  • Tremor – here, you will also find several other games embedded within. In its truest form, this can be called an arcade site. Whenever you participate in these games and make achievements, you get ‘tremor coins’ rewards, and once you collect enough number of qualified units, you can then make an exchange to get bitcoins.
  • SaruTobi – A cheeky game that features a flying monkey and it’s a great way to pass on a lazy, boring day. SaruTobi will lift up your spirit and earn you some bitcoins in the process. All you have to do is collect coins that will be appearing on your screen, and that’s it. It actually feels like an old-school gambling game that doesn’t require much thought to play.
  • GameFaucet – Here, you will find three games in 1. The Pirates Adventure, Going Nuts, and Bubble Shooter. So, as you play, you can enjoy three different enthralling themes at a go, and the rewards will come in the form of bitcoins with every milestone that you achieve.

Earning Bitcoins by Playing Trading Games

Earning Bitcoins by Playing Trading Games

If you are a player who loves beating odds then perhaps this is your best option to earn you some bitcoin. The main contender in this category is Spark Profit

  • Spark profit Are you interested in predicting finance markets? Well here, besides having fun, you will also be able to earn yourself some bitcoins. This game entails predicting the digital currency markets, fiat forex markets, and real financial markets. If your performance is consistent and you are progressive, you are bound to unlock more currencies and also manage to build up more points in the long-run. You are allowed to cash your points to bitcoins or even fiat. And you can also get trained and get resources that help you become a better player/ trader. What a thrilling gamble!

Earning Bitcoins by Playing Spin Games

This here will be a hit for slot machine enthusiasts. It’s all about spinning and earning some real crypto rewards. One excellent example of this type is highlighted below.

  • Free bitcoin – In this game you get to spin numbers and if you are lucky you can win some rewards in the form of bitcoins. You are allowed to make the spins in between 60 minutes. It’s a simple yet captivating option that even allows you to take breaks in between as you cross your fingers for more luck.

Earning Bitcoins by Playing Mobile Games

Perhaps mobile gaming options are the best because they allow you to enjoy yourself and make profits while you are on the more. The best hits of this kind are:

  • Takara – A mobile game designed for iOS mobile devices and just so you know, it’s one of the most played and highest rated by crypto gaming enthusiasts. Essentially, the game shows you where the bitcoins are hidden only after you are close enough to find them. Does it sound familiar? Well, you guessed it right! It is based on Pokemon Go meaning you have to keep going/moving to get the bitcoins.
  • Bitjoy – Another mobile gaming designed to be compatible with iOS mobiles and Android devices. It’s a two in one kind of game to offer you more variety and keep the awesome fun going. When taking part in the Froggy part of the game, you happen to jump across roads and also avoiding any obstacles that you might find on your way as you collect coins. You should also get ahead of the poison of frog that chases you to rise through the current level. The other in-game round comes as an 80’s space shooter is only available for the Android mobiles. You will get bitcoins when playing this as well as long as you hit the right targets.

Final Thoughts on Bitcoin Casino

Earning Bitcoins by Playing Mobile Games

Just in case you don’t really understand what a cryptocurrency is, well it’s a form of digital currency that is designed to work as a medium of exchange in financial transactions by use of cryptography.

Moreover, it is an alphanumeric asset that also verifies the asset transfers and simultaneously regulates the creation of more units of the currency. Apart from bitcoin, there are other cryptos including Ethereum, Peercoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dashcoin, and many more.

Using cryptocurrencies for exchange is a new way of doing especially in the gambling sector, so if you try out the games, you might get a better understanding of the cryptos. In case you have any doubts, cryptocurrencies safe and secure and that’s why they are already being adopted by online betting companies.

So, if you want to earn some bitcoins, pick any games from the information above, and after you earn a sizeable amount, you can use the digital cash to play more casino games at cryptocurrency sites or convert it to your local currency.

Feel free to share this post with any of your gambling friends who are looking to earn some bitcoins at Bitcoin Casino. 

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