Is Finding College Papers for Sale a Good Way to Save Student’s Health?

Written By Alla Levin
June 06, 2018

What is a Good Way to Save Student’s Health?

Students face health problems because of excessive school work. Even though homework is good for students, it can sometimes lead to poor health.

Excessive work can cause mental health problems such as stress, sleep disorders, and depression.

This pushes students to look for college papers for sale to counter the heavy homework pressure experienced in school.

Health Problems Faced by Students

Depression, flu, food poisoning, anxiety, eating disorders, common colds, sleep disorders, and sprains are the most common health problems among students.

Lack of nutritious food, poor sanitation, food insecurity, peer pressure, examinations, procrastination, poor time management and pressure to beat deadlines are the most common causes of poor health among students.

Mental Illness

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Mental health problems are however taking a toll on students compared with other health problems. Anxiety, depression, eating disorders, sleep disorders and stress are mental health problems that have been noted to be on the rise among students.

Students tend to make bad health choices when under pressure to perform or fit in.

Causes of Mental Health Problems

The pressure to achieve better grades in school is one of the reasons students are developing mental health problems. This pressure comes from parents, guardians, teachers and the society at large.

Students also develop pressure to perform better in school so that they can achieve their dream careers and lifestyles. Excessive homework, examinations, deadlines, peer pressure, and technology cause students to develop stress, anxiety, and depression.

Mental illness among students can also be caused by peer pressure. Students fall into peer pressure to indulge in substance use for pleasure.

They also use drugs to stay awake for long hours so that they can study and beat school work deadlines. It is also important to note that they fall under the pressure to attain the success that their peers have attained leading to increased anxiety.

A large amount of school work also overburdens students and results in poor mental health. Too many school papers to write and submit causes lack of sleep, fatigue, anxiety and to some extent, weight loss.

It is also important to note that excessive school work takes up a student’s time to play, socialize and engage in other extracurricular activities. This reduces their happiness and results in depression.

Excessive school work also cuts down on sleep time among students. Lack of sleep is dangerous to students because it causes lack of concentration and mood swings which later results in poor grades and academic failure.

Sleep deprivation is not only dangerous to a student’s academic performance but to their physical health because they can develop diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

Can Essays for Sale Be a Solution?

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Finding essay samples online or college papers for sale can be a solution for students to curb mental health disorders. There has been a public uproar to ban such services that offer custom writing help on the internet because experts claim that students are cheating their way to earning degrees.

This is true because students tend to become lazy since old habits die hard. The tendency of seeking perfect essays written by professional academic writers can be dangerous for students in different ways but when one is facing a health problem, it can be considered as a solution.

Finding an essay sample written by a professional can be helpful because it reduces anxiety and stress among other mental issues. One of the causes of mental health disorders among students is the fear of academic failure.

Poor performance in an entire semester’s coursework can be caused by late submissions whereas a late submission can be avoided by finding an essay for sale.

Using pre-written essays can also be beneficial because a student gets the chance to read ideas of other people and include them in their essays.

It allows a student to have a variety of ideas and learn further from them. Moreover, this helps to beat unreasonable loads of school work.

Teachers tend to hand out homework for each subject without considering that they are overloading their students. They also set bars so high that it is difficult to manage all the homework and reach them.

Looking for help with writing college essays does not mean that a student is unintelligent. Quite the contrary, it is the intelligent students who realize that they have some lack of knowledge and need to find good samples to improve their own writing skills.

Also, students should be counseled and enlightened on time management and the dangers of procrastination in case one knows how to do a paper well but cannot organize his/her time properly.


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Samples of essays for sale can be quite convenient for students because it gives them ample time to study other subjects.

It is important, however, to teach students not to rely on opting for a kind of essay help because it takes away the opportunity to improve their writing skills as well as the practice of conducting research.

They may also miss the chance to develop better study skills and result in failure.

Students should learn that finding an essay and college papers for sale that is already written by a professional can be helpful.

They always should revise the content, add their own content and draw up plans to assist them to manage their school work.

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