Boosting Productivity: 5 Ways to Encourage Employees

Written By Alla Levin
July 20, 2018

Ways to Encourage Employees

Your employees are the most essential part of your business, which means they can influence positively and negatively. If you are struggling with a demotivated workforce, you will start to see your business suffer, but if they are full of life and productivity, the opposite will happen.

The problem lies in how to make sure your employees stay productive. During slower months, energy can be low and absences higher, but there are luckily many ways you can keep productivity high. If you are struggling to find the best ways, you should take note of some key tips.

Implement Useful Technology

Staff members will be able to perform much better if they have the right things around them. They have plenty of pressure at work and lots of things to memorize – it would make life a lot easier if they could have great technology and equipment to back them up.

From a project management system to a centralized platform for managing secrets, it will boost their productivity levels and efficiency. Human error is, of course, extremely common and it’s always a case of limiting that as much as possible. If they have the right technology around them, they can get things done properly without looking over their shoulder all of the time.

Listen to their ideas

If an employee feels as though their voice is not being heard, then it can be easy for them to feel as though there is no point in trying. Although it is impossible to listen to everyone one-on-one, that doesn’t mean you can’t take in everyone’s opinions.

You can do this by holding regular brainstorming sessions, where everyone can be given a chance to voice their opinion. During these times, you can also monitor who is being productive and who isn’t, so you can take further action to encourage them.

Use a rewards system

creative incentives

You may recognize reward systems from when you were in school, but they can be just as effective in the office. If your employees are given something to work towards, they will be more likely to push themselves to reach their goals. Employee recognition awards can be something they will look for to do their jobs passionately and diligently.

You can choose what to offer in your award trophy scheme, be it a day out with their family or a cash bonus. In any case, you should always recognize hard workers alongside extremely successful ones to show your employees that no work goes unnoticed.

Offering flexible benefits plans, healthy food in the pantry, and a discounted gym membership are some other ways you can do your bit to help

Follow creative incentives

Sometimes, the key to promoting productivity is by adding some excitement. This means ensuring you don’t have a regular rewards scheme, or it could mean using a tracking system so that every employee knows their work is being charted.

Creative incentives for employees, in turn, give the workplace a boost. More energy and more fun can help them remain focused, but it can also provide them with a more comfortable setting to voice their opinions. As a result, you may find yourself impressed by more of the quieter employees, as such incentives will give them a chance to shine.

Ways to Encourage Employees: Promote wellbeing 

In the modern world, many workplaces notice how ill mental health affects productivity. Increased absences, low energy, and low confidence can all affect how well someone performs at work. This means promoting wellbeing should be your number one priority at work. It is a tricky subject, but once you get going, you will start to see how your workforce picks itself back up.

You can start by enforcing an open-door policy so employees can come to you if you need anything. Having flexible lunch breaks, healthy food in the kitchen, and a discounted gym membership are all ways you can do your bit to help.

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