How Companies can Benefit from Communication Style Assessment

Written By Alla Levin
July 26, 2018

What is Communication Style Assessment?

Every person has their own individual method of communicating with others. Most of the time, in day-to-day living, getting it slightly wrong is not a major problem. Most people manage to cope and try another approach to get a point across.

In businesses, it may be a little more important to develop good communication styles. Team spirit, as well as a company, may depend on how good a manager communicates with employees.

There are no right and wrong ways to communicate. Each person will find their own way. What does become important is to communicate with employees in a way that they understand, react positively to, and carry out the tasks set before them?

Who can benefit from Communication Style Assessment?

This program helps both employers and staff. Not all staff respond to loud commands, while some will also take no notice of gently voiced requests. Once a manager has learned the communication method which suits each staff member, he will find that the workforce becomes a better team.

Employees can benefit when they realize that their bosses are treating them as individuals and with respect. Managers and team leaders will benefit because the staff is happy. A happy staff is a productive staff.

What are the main uses for Communication Style Assessment?Communication Style Assessment

Knowing how your staff will communicate will be a good indication to a manager about which employee is suited for what position. If team leaders and managers are aware of the way an individual communicates, then it may make the task of work allocation more straightforward.

Another advantage of knowing the best way to communicate is when dealing with clients. Some clients may be the ‘happy-go-lucky’ type, while others are more cautious. Both will respond well if communication matches their styles.

How does Communication Style Assessment work?

This is normally carried out by completing a simple questionnaire which should not take much longer than 20 minutes. Answers will give an insight into the style of communication which works best for each person.

While there are several communications style assessment programmes available, we would advise anyone in a training role to opt for HRDQ Communication Style Assessment course.

There are four main categories which people fall into:

Analytical: these people analyze everything before making any decision. Nothing is done on the spur of the moment. Facts and data are all important to them.

Functional: deadlines are important, as well as a well laid out plan. They do not work well on mere ideas, they need step-by-step methods, so may take longer getting to the end result.

Intuitive: These people are quick to make decisions, often made on ‘gut feelings’. They are not always patient enough to deal with the finer points of a project as they enjoy getting on with things.

Personal: this group is run and ruled by the heart. They are diligent listeners and will gladly put others before themselves. They are diplomatic and smooth over tense periods.

And the real benefits of Communication Style Assessment?

What is Communication Style Assessment: once managers, team leaders, and trainers know the best method to communicate with individual staff members, the workforce will be a more positive place. Employees will feel respected and valued for their opinions, and the business will be more productive.

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