How to Be Tricky and Live on Promotions

Written By Alla Levin
August 28, 2018

Virtual Gambling: How to Be Tricky and Live on Promotions

The virtual gambling realm has allowed the establishment of thousands of gaming destinations, which has left players spoilt for choice. This massive provision of games has left casinos scrambling to attract and maintain as many clients as possible.

Therefore, bonuses and promotions were introduced. Even though the use of incentives existed during the dominant age of brick-and-mortar casinos, the practice exploded with the accessibility of leisure activity on the wide web.

Bonuses and promotions are provided to help players extend their real money playtime without having to spend too much from their pockets. These rewards go a long way in attracting a lot of clientele and have proven to be among the most effective ways to drive such businesses into success.

Therefore, the casino industry invests millions of dollars every year in enticing gamers to choose one establishment over the other. The bonuses cover numerous gaming categories, including table settings, such as this casino bonus roulette.

Virtual Gambling: Bonus and Promotion TypesVirtual Gambling: How to Be Tricky and Live on Promotions

Casinos provide incentives to players in numerous ways. Even though each gaming entity may offer different promotions, some are common among nearly all of them. Below is a look at some of these incentives:

Sign-up bonus

As the name suggests, this promo offer is presented immediately after the player creates an account with a casino. It is usually presented as free spins or chips or sometimes a small amount of cash. The casino may specify if the incentive is to be used on a specific slot, table game, or any other set.

Deposit bonus

This promotion is given once a real deposit to one’s casino account is made. In most cases, it is presented as a match promotion that rewards the player with a specific percentage of their deposit. For instance, a one hundred percent match promotion rewards a two-hundred-dollar deposit with an extra two hundred dollars. However, in some casinos, the bonus is made fixed and cannot be altered by the amount one cashes into their account. Free spins, chips, or comp points may accompany this promotion.

Cashback promo

This incentive is similar to the match promotion because it rewards the player with a percentage of the money they use in the casino. However, the reward amount is drawn from the money a player uses rather than that of the casino.

This makes the awarded percentages smaller than those of a match promotion. Additionally, they are reserved for loss recovery in most cases.

Reload bonuses

These bonuses are similar to a welcome promotion, but they are reserved for second-time depositors and higher. This reward is given as free spins match promos, cashback, free chips, and real money.

Comp points

This is a program that numerous casinos have incorporated to award return players and high rollers. Most casinos award these promotion points according to how much a player spends in their establishment and the games they engage in. The comp points can be traded for cash or other items in the casino store. Additionally, they can be used to climb up the VIP ladder, which comes with better bonuses.

How to Best Use PromotionsComp points

As much as bonuses and promotions are free and help the player achieve more playtime, players should be careful about utilizing the offered incentives. Various practices can be incorporated into claiming these rewards, making it easier for players to ensure they use as little of their money as possible. Additionally, they help draw the use of bonuses for as long as possible. Some of these practices include:

Study the terms and conditions

Various terms and conditions accompany all bonuses and promotions. These terms dictate how the promotions are claimed and used before the player can make any withdrawals. When looking into these conditions, the playthrough requirement presented is among the most important to study.

This term determines how often the player has to deposit and use their deposit equivalent before making withdrawals. For instance, a one-hundred-dollar deposit will require the player to cash in and use two thousand dollars in a twenty-time playthrough requirement. Claiming bonuses with high wagering requirements may cost you more than you will make.

Check the cashable status

Promotions are presented in two forms: cashable and sticky. The former can be cashed out once the presented terms and conditions are met. On the other hand, the latter has to be wagered entirely in the casino, and only winnings accrued can be taken out. Thus, it is advisable to go for the cashable type of bonus.

Additionally, some casinos allow gamblers to withdraw winnings before the wagering terms have been met. Therefore, one can continue cashing out money as they spend their bonus amount; this can also be applied to the deposit used to activate the bonus.

Virtual Gambling: Use High Clearance Rate GamesUse high clearance rate games

Different games come with varying contribution rates towards meeting the presented terms and conditions. In most cases, slots are the most convenient option to meet the wagering requirements, which usually stand at a one hundred percent rate.

Going to games with low clearance rates could cause one to spend a lot more than they intended. Players can use these techniques to ensure they make the most of the bonuses and promotions they claim from casinos. That way, they spend a lot more on the bonus amount and the winnings they make than the money from their pockets.

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