Seven Largest eSports Tournaments In The World

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October 01, 2018

Largest eSports Tournaments In The World

The biggest tournaments in the world of eSports are all massive displays of what can be done when a group of people all love the same game. These tournaments have been designed to help make people money, and they bring together players who are the best at their craft.

These seven tournaments are all exciting, and they all start with people who love the games that they are playing. Someone who is trying to make a career out of this needs to get started, improve, find a team, and play for big money.

League Of Legends World Championship

League Of Legends World Championship

Someone who might have started their LoL career on Aussy Elo by getting a game pass. Someone who is trying to get better can practice or hire game boosting services and get onto a team that would take them to the LoL World Championship, and they could win a lot of money in the massive prize pool.

All the player has to do is get started because they could get noticed by some of the best players online, and they could be pulled onto a team.  LoL has always been very popular, and it is still one of those games where new teams are forming and competing. Moreover, you can buy lol accounts so that you can play with the heroes you want without all the work and money.

The InternationalThe International

The International brings together all the best players in the world, and it has some of the most massive payouts that anyone has ever seen. This tournament features people playing DOTA 2, and it shows off the skills of people who are so good at these games that they are tough to miss.

It all helps people get inspired to become better players, and they see the massive prize money awarded in the finals of each game.  This particular tournament has had all the biggest payouts on any list that you will find.

Boston MajorBoston Major

The Boston Major is enormous because it is hosted in one of the biggest cities in the world.

Everyone likes to come to Boston to play because they love the city, and they can all congregate in a great venue to play the games that they love.  The Boston Major is just one of the big majors around the world, and it has millions in prizes that will give players a reason to play their best.

Kyiv MajorKiev Major

The Kyiv Major is a great tournament in one of the classical cities in all of Eurasia.  The city is gorgeous, and the tournament has all the biggest players on the floor playing games that everyone wants to see.

This is the sort of tournament that fetches large prize pools because of the many people that show up, and there are always special events that people can go to even if they are not playing.  This is a fun tournament to behold because of the combination of gamers, games, and the town.

DOTA 2 AsiaDotA 2Asia Championships Schedule

DOTA 2 Asia biggest tournament for this game alone and the game is one that always has the biggest money and best players following it around.  The Asia tournament is so big that it can rival The International for the prize money of this game, and it is a tournament that brings in all the best Asian gamers who are finally playing at home. People who love gaming might go to see their favorite gamers in their element, and that makes it all the better for everyone.

Dream Hack ChampionshipsDream Hack Championships

Dream Hack has championships during the event, and they always have some of the best players come out to play in special tournaments.  They bring in a great team, and they let everyone see a game played well even though it is not one of the major tournaments for one of the games. This is the perfect way for someone to get their fix for gaming while also getting to see a tournament that is hosted in a very large venue.

Frankfurt MajorAussy Elo _1

The Frankfurt Major is another one of the majors that have been put together to bring people to the city to see the best games played by the best players.  It is in the circuit of majors that hosts all the best players, and it is one that people might go to if they are in the European market.

Someone who is trying to make the most money could play in the Major circuit, and people who want to see the best players can come to this tournament at any time.

There are many people who are trying to make sure that they can see the best gamers, but there are others who want to play among the best gamers.

You could start playing online to improve at your favorite game like League of Legends, and you will find yourself on a team that could advance to the championships that are held in many different spots all over the world.

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