Stand Out! 5 Show-Stopping Trade Show Booth Ideas No One Will Forget

Written By Alla Levin
November 12, 2018

Incredible Trade Show Booth Ideas to Catch the Eye

Do you want to be the main attraction at your next vendor expo? Here are 5 trade show booth ideas that will catch the eye and bring in the dough.

In an age where everything seems to be digital, the presence of trade shows is still remarkably strong. In 2016, trade shows in the United States generated 12.8 billion dollars of revenue.

When you’re Setting Up Exhibition Stands, creativity can draw people to your booth. Get trade show booth ideas to boost your business.

Trade Show Booth Ideas to Make You Stand OutTrade Show Booth Ideas to Make You Stand Out

49 percent of the people that are attending trade shows intend to buy something from the trade show that they attend. On that statistic alone, trade shows are worth a thought.

Have Handouts Ready

People love free things. Free things will make people come to your booth. It’s as plain and simple as that.

When you’re handing out your free things, don’t miss an opportunity. Be sure to hand out your business card or have some type of branding available that reminds people of your brand.

Get a Custom Display

When you’re setting up your exhibition stands for your trade show booth, you don’t want it to look like a cookie cutter situation.

Depending on your location in the venue, you might need specifically shaped display items, or larger than usual posters to showcase a unique product. Whatever it is, you can custom make it and add intrigue to your area that the other booths don’t have.

Multi-Media is King

exhibition stands for your trade show booth

Booths that incorporate videos into their display can hold people’s attention for longer while using less manpower to do so.

Creating an informative video about your brand, or a demo of a product, can be a simple way to show people your product in action. You don’t have to repeat yourself over and over again with an introduction of your brand, so you can get to make the sale more quickly.

Bigger is Better: Setting Up Exhibition Stands 

Scope out your competition in the trade show booth area. Then, do it better than the competition.

Literally, if your display area is bigger, people may be more drawn to it. If your booth looks like fun and like a non-intimidating place to shop around, people will want to spend their time there.

Don’t be afraid to make some noise. You can use music to create a friendly atmosphere and create a buzz that will draw more and more people.

Incorporate Social Mediainteractive booth

When you have an interactive booth, it will give people something to do when they’re checking out your booth.

Set up a photoshoot with a simple wall, and give it a finishing touch with decorations specific to your brand. Give your booth a hashtag. When you give a hashtag to your event, it will be free social media coverage for your brand.

Stay Inspired

When it comes to exhibition stands and standing out at your trade show, the game is always changing. You can always be gaining new trade show booth ideas by looking at the art in everyday life.

Help is also always around the corner. A professional company knows everything about setting up exhibition stands and just how to make people want to come to your booth, and want to stay. And that’s right where you want them.

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