Facing the Truth: 10 Clear Signs it’s Time For Memory Care For the Elderly

Written By Alla Levin
November 13, 2018
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Understanding the Right: Assisted Living or Memory Care

Do you have an elderly loved one that is resistant to assisted living or memory care? It may be time to face facts. Here are 10 signs it’s time for memory care.

Did you know there are nearly 10 million new cases of dementia diagnosed every year?

With so many cases getting diagnosed, living with a loved one suffering from dementia might seem like a doable option. However, this might not be a realistic option for many.

If you’re debating whether or not it’s time to take your loved one to a memory care facility, this article is for you.

Here are 10 signs it’s time for memory care.

Their Safety is Your Concern 24/7more information on what you can expect from a memory care facility

Taking your loved one to a memory care facility is not an easy thing to do, but when you worry about their safety around the clock, you might no longer have a choice but to make the decision.

For example, their neighbors have noticed they stopped picking up their mail, they leave doors open, or lights on all night. All of these scenarios might make you worry about their safety.

Are you afraid of going on vacation or leaving your loved one for a certain period of time? If all of these are a concern of yours, it might be time to consider a memory care facility.

This website provides more information on what you can expect from a memory care facility.

Personal Hygiene is a Concern

Personal hygiene and body odor might be an uncomfortable subject to address for many. It’s difficult to talk to your loved ones about body odor. When their personal hygiene suffers tremendously, it might be a sign they’re incapable of taking care of themselves.

Have you noticed they stopped washing their clothes? Are they showing up places unshaved and unkempt? Have they stopped taking showers?  The problems might get worse with time and affect their health.

Everyone in the Family is Exhausted

Taking care of a loved one who has dementia can take a toll on the people involved.

It’s a full-time job to make sure your loved ones are properly taken care of. Caregiver burnout is a problem that not many of them want to talk about it due to guilt. It’s difficult to admit taking care of a sick loved one is affecting your health.

When caregiver burnout is not addressed, it can have some serious consequences for their health such as physical exhaustion and even depression.

They Wander on Their Ownresistant to assisted living or memory care

A loved one suffering from dementia without a caregiver can be a dangerous situation.

Depending on how advanced their condition is, they can really get hurt if they go out on their own. They might wander off and not know how to get back home. Also, imagine what would happen if they accidentally get a hold of car keys.

Even if you live with your loved ones full-time, unless you can watch them at all times, you will always fear they might wander off on their own.

 They Neglect Their Health

Unfortunately, those suffering from dementia don’t make their health a priority. Health neglect can take many forms on someone suffering from dementia. Have you noticed your loved one has lost weight unexpectedly? Due to their condition, they might forget to eat.

This might not be the only problem. They might also forget to refrigerate food or cook it properly, which can cause serious stomach issues.

Dementia patients might also forget to take their medication or they might take more than needed.

Their Social Life is Non-Existent

Caregiver burnout

It’s sad, but dementia patients begin to isolate themselves. Have you noticed your loved one has stopped calling or talking to their friends? Do you suspect they might be lonely and depressed?

It might be time to take them to a memory care facility where they will be able to socialize with others in a healthy way.

Neglect of Their Finances

When a loved one has severe dementia, the last thing on their mind might be to pay their bills. An effective way to know if your loved ones have neglected their finances is by paying attention to the evidence.

Do they have unopened mail lying around the house? Are debt collectors calling them at all times? Have any of their utilities or services gotten shut off?

If you observe any of those things happening, you might want to look into their finances.

They’ve Had Accidents

The last thing anyone wants is for their elder loved ones to get in an accident or get hurt. However, when they suffer from dementia, they might be more prone to accidents.

It might be time to consider taking them to a memory care facility if you begin to notice they get hurt. Don’t wait until they suffer a serious injury before you consider making the decision.

Signs they’re accident prone if they continue living by themselves include bruises, cuts, and burns.

Purchase Habits Have Changed

assisted living or memory care

Have you noticed your loved has beenthat seem out of character for them? This could be a sign their dementia is getting out of hand. Are they buying the same item twice because they forgot they already bought it?

Pay attention to their fridge and pantry. Can you see any signs they have started to hoard items? For example, do they have multiple bars of soap? Is their fridge or pantry full of untouched meals? Are they buying more than one issue of the same magazine?

These could be all signs their mental faculties are suffering.

Their Attitude is Different

There is nothing harder than watching your loved ones stop being who they were. Dementia can cause them to become frustrated and irritable, even if that’s not in their nature.

Pay attention to their behavior and watch for signs their attitude has started to change. Does their mood ever change after sundown? Are there any triggers that might cause aggression?

All of these are signs it might be time for them to make a move to a memory care facility.

Signs It’s Time for Memory Care: The Bottom Line

Knowing the signs it’s time for memory care, might help you make the decision once and for all. Pay attention to their health, finances, and attitude.

If you want to read about ways to become more self-sufficient, check out this article.

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