Common Interview Questions for Admission to Online MBA Program in Canada 

Written By Alla Levin
February 14, 2019

All You Need to Know About Admission to Online MBA Program in Canada

You have slogged to notch up a decent GMAT score and are certain to get admission to an MBA program in Canada. However, one of the most challenging things that stand between you and admission to your desired MBA program is the interview.

But, why is an interview required, if you have the GMAT score to bag the MBA program?

The interview is a great way to assess the elements of a candidate that aren’t immediately obvious on paper. Those often relate to two liabilities on an MBA application: lack of experience and a low GMAT score. An interview gives you an opportunity to demonstrate maturity in terms of recognizing what you’re bringing to the table and what you want as an objective at the end.

Common MBA interview questionsCommon MBA interview questions

If you want to ace the MBA interview, know what are the likely questions that can be asked and carefully prepare your answers. Be honest in conveying your skills and passion for the business world.

Q1. Tell me about yourself.

This question is an open-ended one designed to gauge how well you articulate and structure your thoughts. While answering, focus on your undergraduate education, work experience, accomplishment, and your career goals. Wind it up in about two to three minutes.

Whatever you say, should be aimed at conveying why you fit the bill and how the school would benefit from your doing the MBA for their institution.

Q2. Why do you want to receive an MBA?

You need to convey what has motivated you to get an online MBA from Canada and why is now the right time for you. Also, convey how MBA will help in achieving your career goals.

Q3. Why are you interested in this school?

Here you are required to list out all the reasons that may include faculty, location, facilities, course offerings, student activities, job placement record, etc. Emphasize that this school is one of your top choices.

Q4. What has been your most challenging academic experience so far?

You may mention projects and academic activities that posed a challenge and how you overcame them. Also mention, what you learned from that experience and how it was rewarding.

Q5. Have you ever accomplished anything as a leader?

This question is aimed at finding out whether you have leadership skills. Prepare for this question beforehand by having specific examples ready that illustrate your leadership qualities, where you either led a team, took the ethical high ground or made a positive impact in any other way.

Emphasize your involvement in extracurricular activities or your work in organizations outside your workplace. This conveys to the interviewer that you are doing things that develop valuable skills.

Q6. What do you like most about your current work and what changes would you make, if given the choice?

With this question, the interviewer is trying to direct the conversation towards what you are truly passionate about. You should project a positive picture of your job, even if you are unhappy in it. Describe what positive changes you will make at work, such as creating a new team or associating with a new industry, etc. however, keep your ideas business-related.

Q7. How would your supervisor describe you?

Tackle this question by highlighting your professional and personal characteristics. This will convey the kind of student you will be. Don’t make anything up, but paint an accurate picture of how you really are at work. Your interviewer would already be in the know since he or she would have received your supervisor’s recommendation.

Conclusion on Online MBA Program in Canada

You are likely to face many more questions in your interview, so the key is to anticipate what can be asked and prepare accordingly. However, your interviewer may also invite questions. So, be prepared to throw some questions of your own, such as, “What sets your business program from others?”, “How is your program advantageous for me?” and the like. Take care to keep your questions limited to the school and the MBA program offered by it.

This will indicate that you did research on the program.

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