6 Ways to Increase Billable Hours

Written By Alla Levin
February 14, 2019

Great Ways to Increase Law Firm Billable Hours

Like other businesses, profitability is one of the most important goals of any law firm. Regardless of whether it is big or small, the goal is to register an increase in profit in the shortest time that is possible. That said, below is a short list of some of the most effective strategies that can help law firms in increasing their billable hours.

Use a Law Practice Management SoftwareLaw Practice Management Software

On top of the list is the use of a law practice management software. With the various legal software features, it will be possible to bill more time basically because it enhances productivity and efficiency. It can also eliminate repetitive tasks. Plus, it can reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction, presenting opportunities to have more billable hours.

If you are searching for law practice management software that will help improve law firm performance, including its billables, take the time to look at Rocket Matter.

Maximize the Use of your StaffRocket Matter_1

Generally speaking, paralegals are billed at a lower rate compared to lawyers. Secretaries, on the other hand, do not get billed at all. With this, it is recommended that lawyers should focus on the core of their work and leave administrative tasks to their assistants. This way, they will have more billable hours on things that are more important. Most clients will refuse to pay for administrative tasks, so lawyers should let their assistants do it.

Provide Clear Descriptions

This is critical when recording the billable hours and when reporting it to clients. If the description is vague, the client will most likely be quick to file a dispute to not pay the amount stated. They might think that they are being deceived. To prevent this from happening, be sure to create a detailed description of what transpires.

Be Responsive

It will also help to respond as soon as possible and be available when you are needed. It does not matter even if it is late at night or even when lawyers are on a vacation. When clients call, they should be available to provide legal advice as soon as possible.

Manage your Emails

Most clients will refuse to pay for administrative tasks

While email is one of the most powerful tools for lawyers, it can be time-consuming. You can save a great deal of time by keeping your email organized and checking it less often. This might seem like a simple trick, but this is one of the proven methods to be more productive and increase billables.

Count Every Minute

Let’s say you just talked to a client for two minutes. Some people might think that this can be easily disregarded when it comes to billing. Truth is, even if it is just two minutes, it should still be part of the billable hours. It is precious time spent communicating with a client, so you should be paid, especially if it has been an insightful communication.

From the use of law practice management software to making sure that every minute is counted, this post tackled some of the best strategies to increase billable hours, which will be crucial in making the law firm more profitable.

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