Great Ways to Take Advantage of Video Marketing

Written By Alla Levin
February 15, 2019

Take Advantage of Super-Successful Video Marketing

As a platform for advertisements, the Internet reigns supreme. Other kinds of advertisements, like TV spots or billboards, require very specialized advertising strategies based on the limitations of the medium.

For instance, billboards are entirely stationary (except for those fancy LED ones), and TV spots are limited by the amount of time. Using the Internet to advertise allows you to take the benefits of any specific medium and get rid of the negatives.

Video marketing is an attractive form of advertisement that can be embedded into any web page. Proper video marketing can be insanely captivating and extremely conversion-friendly. Most consumers immediately associate a properly produced video with a brand that’s more trustworthy because it takes an effort to create a video, while nearly anybody can make a nicely formatted web page.

How can you leverage video marketing to achieve success? Here are just a few great examples of video marketing done right:

Explainer VideosExplainer Videos

An explainer video can quickly and concisely explain the product or service you’re offering with the help of playful graphics and a great voiceover. Instead of having to fumble through convoluted writing, an explainer video can very quickly transmit the stated aims and strengths of your service in a way that’s extremely easy to digest.

Few people are willing to sign up for a service they don’t understand. If your typed-out explanation ends up being confusing, it’s unlikely they’ll go through with choosing you. A simple explainer video can help get your point across much easier than the written word.

Whiteboard AnimationsWhiteboard Animations_1

We’ve all been through the school system. Few of us can resist the captivating allure of a whiteboard. Whiteboard animations are great because difficult concepts can be explained entirely in a simple-to-follow and visually responsive manner.

Whiteboard animations have become so popular that nearly every video marketing company offers to create them for their clients should they so desire. They are very low-cost videos to make. However, they tend to stick around in the long-term memories of the viewers for much longer than some more expensive options. Good whiteboard animation is typically quick, provides a full audio and visual history of what’s being talked about, and is accessible to nearly any demographic.

These attributes make them an excellent choice for video marketers.

3D Animations3D Animations

While this is one of the most expensive options on the list to take advantage of, it can also be one of the most compelling, with tons of opportunity for viral appeal. 3D animation technology has advanced significantly throughout the years, and excellent quality videos are accessible to the average person, instead of being solely the domain of multi-million dollar animation studios.

A 3D video can tell a story or function as a digitized commercial that’s much easier to create on a computer than it would be in real life. With their vibrant colors and endless possibilities, 3D animations are an extremely effective way to promote your brand.


If you’re promoting content on the Internet, it would be foolish to not take advantage of video marketing in some way, shape, or form. There are thousands of web pages out there that only contain text information. A single video already puts you miles ahead of all of your competitors who don’t use visual media.

Not only that, video marketing materials are much more compelling as they engage your user with visuals and audio, making it easier to get the conversions you seek.

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