Africa Travel: How to Find a Trusted Safari Tour Operator:

Written By Alla Levin
February 19, 2019

Africa Travel: Thinking of Booking a Once in a Lifetime Safari Trip to Africa?

While this will offer an incredible experience, however, it’s important that you book the right type of trip from the diverse range of choices now available.

Choosing a trusted tour operator is absolutely pivotal, as this will help to ensure your safety and improve the value that you receive for your hard-earned cash.

Safari holiday specialists like Tanzania Odyssey are well-known brands that offer a range of bespoke Tanzania holiday tours and safaris, for example, but you should follow the steps below to ensure that make an informed choice.

You can read our guide on how to plan the best vacation trip but Here are some steps to help on your way:

Understand your Africa Travel Style and Budget how to plan the best vacation trip (2)

Not every safari trip has been created equal, so when comparing the market you’ll need to determine your preferred travel method and budgetary constraints.

The main consideration here is your budget, so you’ll need to identify reputable operators that exist within your financial means. This will create a shortlist of sorts, and one that prevents you from spending more than you can afford on your safari.

From this list, you can start to appraise each operator in terms of the type of travel experience that they offer. There’s an array of accommodation types from rustic to luxury, for example, while you can also combine walking safaris with traditional 4×4 game viewing in some instances.

In recent times, safari operators have also begun to offer an array of different activities that supplement the main safari experience, from fishing and scuba diving to those that explore the cultural heritage of a particular region.

Distinguish Between Cheap Safaris and those that offer ValueDistinguish Between Cheap Safaris and those that offer Value

Let’s face facts; even supposedly affordable safaris represent a significant financial investment, so there’s often a tendency to prioritize the cheapest trips when making a booking but this can lead to bad ramifications.

The issue here is that the cheapest safaris do not always deliver value for money, while the operators that sell them may also be less than reputable.

As a general rule, trusted and seasoned operators will place a slight premium on their expertise, while using special offers and the facilities at their disposal to improve the value proposition available.

So when comparing the market, you’ll need to look beyond the bottom line price and review precisely what’s included in the offer. This way, you’ll come to a more informed decision that offers the most value for money within your budget.

Check Online for Independent ReviewsTanzania holiday tours and safaris,

While it stands to reason that travelers should select travel operators that are experienced and have detailed knowledge of specific locations, there are other factors that can help to inform their decision.

Take independent online reviews, for example, which are left by travelers who have already booked with a particular operator and share their unique experience.

Independent sites such as Trustpilot even collate brand reviews to rank different brands, helping customers to gain an insight into how they operate and make a more informed decision in the process.

We’d, therefore, recommend that you head online and see what others have to say about specific operators and safari packages, as this can help you to distinguish between rogue and reputable service providers.

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