Ideal GMAT Score For Your MBA Application

Written By Alla Levin
February 19, 2019

What is a GMAT score for MBA programs?

MBA or Master’s degree in Business Administration is a prestigious degree. It opens up a variety of employment venues in your career. It is the first step in the ladder to crack the ceiling which holds you back from a six figure salary. Business schools, colleges or universities look for the best of the best to enroll in their programs.

This fact makes it obvious that they have a rigorous admissions process. One of the things they look for in a candidate is their GMAT score. It is a reliable measuring stick to judge the worthiness of a potential student as far as capability, sincerity, aptitude, and attitude are concerned.

If you are serious about getting this degree, it is important to know your GMAT scores. So, what should your target be? Keep on reading to find out.

GMAT Scores ExplainedGMAT Scores Explained

There is nothing terrifying about GMAT scores. It is not a war where you pick your battles. The real trick in getting the correct scores lies in the secret of working your way backward.

Many institutes focus on different parts of your GMAT scores and make decisions based on their policies. So the first thing you do is to find out the average scores accepted by the Institute of your choice, or rather the one from your goal. Thereafter, you decide on an optimal studying strategy and subsequent patterns to reach those scores.

Typically, GMAT scores tests are composed of five values, which test four qualities in the candidates.

The first score is meant to be a qualifying factor of your mathematical abilities. This is crucial in business administration and later in finances as specialization. The score values range from 0 to 60.

The second score tests your verbal skills and is measured on a scale of 0-60. Communication is one of those skills without which you won’t survive the world of business. Marketing and sales are the subjects where it is needed the most.

The third score is related to your analytical writing skills, AWA for short. Measured on a scale of 0 to 6, the analytical score shows how you deal with ideas and situations objectively, with the application of critical analysis. Business administration throws many such situations and ideas your way, and you should be able to think about them from both sides of the equation.

The fourth score is the value of your integrated reasoning. This is measured on a scale of 1 to 8 Problems in business do not always have straightforward solutions. Concurrently, your decisions in solving these complex problems with the resources or the data at your disposal become the determining factor in the quality of the outcomes.

The last score is more of a consolidation of all the scores on a scale of 200 to 800. It is calculated by considering the quantitative and verbal sections together.

What Score Should you get?GMAT scores

It is ingrained in our minds to get the highest score possible in all our exams. While that may be a true test of merit, you can strategize and settle on an ideal target score depending on the institution you plan to apply for. Ideally, the top 10% of students get an average consolidated score of 740 and higher.

It is still the best option to study hard and try to achieve that score, which will make you an ideal candidate for the top Universities. If you think that may not be possible, you may target the 650 – 700 band, landing you in the top 25%. It’s still a good bet because many top universities consider students with a lower GMAT score, provided you show the unique talent that puts you ahead of the competition.

If you are not satisfied with your score, you can get a retest and improve your scores too. If you cannot get into one of the institutes for some reason, consider an online mba in Canada instead. Distance learning is available in many reputed institutes, and can still earn you similar benefits through a variety of e-learning resources and a global network of peers. Moreover, you get to be your own ‘boss’ and work on your own schedule!

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