What to Pack for Your Backpacking Trip of a Lifetime

Written By Alla Levin
March 07, 2019
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Backpacking Trip of a Lifetime: Backpacking List

You’ve booked the backpacking trip of your dreams, and bought the backpack to go with it. Now, what? It’s time to figure out what to put in it. This can be quite a challenge!

There are so much stuff and so little space. How can you possibly know what should go in and what should stay out?

Before you put anything in your backpack, think hard about your itinerary. If you’re not planning to work while you’re away, you’re not likely to need a laptop. If you’re headed somewhere warm in summer, you won’t need a lot of warm clothes, though a few will always be a good idea.What to Pack for Your Backpacking Trip

That’s a ton of space saved already. Make notes on your itinerary of moments when you might need specific equipment, and do some research into whether it’s something you need to pack or if you can hire it when you arrive.

There’s no point carrying around heavy equipment that you’ll only need for a couple of days for your entire trip.

Non-perishable snack foods are a total must. Nuts are a great idea – try walnuts, pistachios, almonds, or peanuts, or a mixed bag if you prefer.

The EssentialsBackpacking Trip

When you’re ready to think about what you need to pack, certain essentials should always come first as you shouldn’t be without them. First up?

A Second Bag In your Backpacking List

Foldable day bags are a necessity if you’re sticking around somewhere for a few days and want to leave your large bag wherever you’re staying. Pick one that’s sturdy but light and can be folded into a small space.

A towel is also paramount for backpacking, but towel technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Microfiber is now the order of the day. These tiny but thirsty towels are light, small, and dry extremely quickly.

To keep your money safe, think about picking up a cash security belt in addition to your wallet. These can conceal cash and keep it safe from pickpockets or thieves while you focus on having a great time.cash security belt

Padlocks can come in very handy on backpacking trips for some reason. If you’re planning to stay in hostels, you can use a padlock for extra room security, or use it to secure a locker (lots of hostels either don’t provide actual locks for their lockers or charge extra for them).

Of course, you can also use a padlock to lock your bag – by connecting it between the zippers. Instant safety from intruders! It’s a seemingly insignificant thing but worth it.

On a related note, you’ll absolutely need a worldwide travel adapter, especially if you’re traveling across multiple countries.

While it’s seriously annoying that the nations of the world haven’t united on power adapters yet, fortunately, you can at least get one universal adapter that will cover you for everything. It’s worth throwing a few extra dollars at it.

That’s the essentials list!

Make sure all of these are in your pack, and everything else will fall into place – backpacking trips

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