How to Sell Your House Fast for the Most Money in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Written By Alla Levin
May 11, 2019
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Selling a House Fast for the Most Money in Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you’re priced right, you’ll likely sell soon, not more than 3 months on average. If you overprice your house, you’re likely to scare away potential home buyers” says Alex Uktamov, Founder of Sol Green Homes, who buys houses in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Are you looking to sell your single-family house, multi-family units, condos, and vacant land fast in Fort Lauderdale area?  Are you hoping that your property would get the most money when sells?

Well, this is perhaps the dream of every home seller, to pocket a good amount of money after the house goes on the market.

However, you’d better know this: It isn’t easy as it sounds. While the housing market experiencing low inventory, the Fort Lauderdale housing market is not a guaranteed boon for sellers. Alex Uktamov, the Founder of Sol Green Homes, points out 10 tips on how to sell your house in 30 days for the most money in Fort Lauderdale.

What’s The First Thing to Do When Selling a House?

Firstly, you need to understand your market – whether seller’s market or buyer’s market. In a buyers’ market, there are usually more homes for sale than buyers, which usually brings market prices down.  On the other hand, a seller’s market is characterized by more buyers than homes for sale, a scenario that automatically drives prices higher.

This may sound a bit confusing, but it doesn’t have to. You can determine whether you’re in a sellers’ market or buyers’ market through the average DOM (days on market) in your area.

For instance, when similar homes seem to be selling faster than the average DOM in your market, then this means a strong demand and vice versa. Moreover, you got to check the appreciation rate in your area, to make an informed decision regarding the price.

A steep increase in home appreciation reveals that homes are in high demand and that buyers are paying more. The understating of these trends puts you in a position where you can correctly price your home, as well as negotiate other things like contingencies and repairs. They can also lead you into determining the time frame within which to sell your home.

Is There a Specific Time Proven To Faster Sales for Houses in Fort Lauderdale? Faster Sales for Houses in Fort Lauderdale

Home sales fluctuate according to season. Seasons greatly affect many things in a real estate market, for example, many people would want to relocate when kids are out of school. So this makes spring the ideal time to sell. Seasons are not the only factor to consider at the right time to sell, as there are many other things that come to play.

For example, you don’t need to sell your home without enough equity to pay off your running mortgage. There are costs of selling and moving out, which demand that you dive into your pocket.

The right time to sell a home may be different for different people, with various life priorities such as job relocation, or starting a family. You might have to sell your home during the slow selling season as a result of losing a job. This will eventually weigh on you as a financial miscalculation.

Sell my house fast Fort Lauderdale: Is Your Ready To Show?

Well, think of a scenario where you make your house for sale available for viewing on specific days and at specific hours. Most likely, you would miss lots of potential buyers.

In Florida, folks looking to purchase homes may have busy schedules, making it hard to get them into your strict timetable. The best way is to make it as easy as possible to see your home. You should make your house available for showings. The more accessible your house is, the easier it is to get multiple offers, including cash offers from investor buyers.

Does Curb Appeal Matter?sell-house-fast-fort-lauderdale (2)

Absolutely yes. Among the small projects that get much value at resale in Florida are those which appeal to the eyes of most buyers. Basically, a buyer is likely to see the front entry and garage door first, so these need to be appealing.

Interior plays a huge role in their decision-making as well. Think of remodeling your kitchen, replacing old appliances, and doing an overhaul your cabinets and surfaces.  Replacing old carpet and repainting the walls would bring the most value for the least money spent.

Some People Sell Their Houses And Lease It Back, How About That?

While this saves you time and money, you may still want to buy yourself time by making your sale contingent on the buyer leasing the home back to you. Just give yourself a few more months to stay before you find and close on your next home.

This is a strategy that works best, especially in highly competitive seller’s markets. If a buyer gets interested in buying your home but facing stiff competition from other bidders, he may consider doing this, as a trick to grab the deal.

Do I Need to Accompany Potential Buyers for Viewing?sell-house-fast-fort-lauderdale

Accompanying the buyers during the showings won’t increase your chances of selling the home. Buyers might feel uncomfortable when you’re around—they can’t freely discuss your house. You don’t have to abandon the house either when potential home buyers show up.

Excellent idea to greet them and allow them to tour the property. Then step outside, get yourself busy with something, and chat with a neighbor at the driveway. Let the agents involved do their job of selling your house. At the end of the day, they get paid for doing their job.

Is It Always Necessary To Enlist Agents Help?

It’s not absolutely necessary to list your house with an agent, but having one can be useful. While many sellers think they could avoid the realtors and their commissions, real estate agents are really abreast of the most recent trends in the industry. A real estate agent’s number one task is to sell your home, not just earn the commission.

They also want to spread good word of mouth among other people looking for their services. When a client is happy, that means the agent has a repeat client, plus many referrals.

They aim at making a sale as much as they can, not just because we’re going to make a little bit more commission. But because they know the happier the clients, the more chances of having them for future business and referrals.

Apart from an agent being an expert in the field, he will sell your house for the most money possible and protect your best interests. Make sure you get an agent that knows the game well. Discuss openly with him any uncertainties you have, and let him explain his reasoning as well.

Is the Buyer’s Feedback Helpful When Selling My House?

Feedbacks help you to know what is not letting your house sell. It helps you know what needs to be done to sell quicker and for a higher price. After potential clients view the house, ensure that you talk to your clients about their thoughts.

Then, if there is something pointed out by multiple people, then sit down with the agent and discuss how to fix it. Come up with solutions that will improve your house, and aim to get the best possible offer and sell my house fast Fort Lauderdale.

Some Areas of Fort Lauderdale Have Been Reported to Have Issues, Is there a need To Report These?Areas of Fort Lauderdale

Although you may have a list of potential home buyers for your home, it doesn’t mean your Fort Lauderdale house is off your hands just yet—not until the closing date when you get the sales proceeds in hand.

Some older houses in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida might structural features that you need to address and disclose to your potential home buyers. This act places you as an honest home seller and buyers can feel comfortable making a deal with you.

Well, not everything you disclose may work against the deal. Elements like hurricane shutters will actually boost the value of your home. Also, disclosing the improvements that you’ve made to the current house raises your listing price.

What If Can’t Sell In A Timely Manner?

Many circumstances tend to slow down the sale of houses, ranging from mortgage issues, family conflicts, and pending court cases. If for instance, your house has a mortgage, you may rent it out, collect the rent and make higher mortgage payments to improve your equity.

In the event that you can’t sell your house for whatever reason, become a landlord as you sort out the pending issues.  This should be used as a short-term measure with the aim of eventually being able to sell my house fast in Fort Lauderdale

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