6 Must-Have Features of a Customer Data Platform

Written By Alla Levin
May 14, 2019

Customer Data Platform Must-Have Features

A customer data platform delivers plenty of benefits for the business. It provides a unified system for managing and analyzing customer data, which is critical in the organization’s marketing strategies.

To reap its benefits, choose the right CDP platform. To help you make a well-informed decision, this article breaks down some of the most important features to look for.

High Data Quality

If data has low quality, it will be useless and can do more harm than good. This makes it important to choose a CDP that offers only data with the highest quality.

To do this, the platform must have an exceptional ability to cleanse, standardize, and enhance customer profiles from different channels.

Continuous updating of the customer profile is also necessary to make it relevant to the marketing decisions the business will make.

If you are looking for such a platform that delivers data with exceptional quality, check out https://www.lytics.com/.

Data InclusivenessTo make the most out of a CDP

To make the most out of a CDP, one of the most important things is for the data it provides to be inclusive.

This means that it must effectively capture both online and offline data, providing decision makers with a better picture of their customers.

Both digital and physical channels provide useful information the business can use.

Aside from website visits, mobile app interactions, and call center experiences, it should also include data from in-store visits and community events.

Robust Reporting

It is difficult for most people to make sense of the information available in a CDP.

You will benefit from choosing a platform that also has simple reporting capabilities, meaning that the CDP must be able to automatically generate reports and insights, presenting it in a manner that is easy to understand.

This provides marketers a better perspective of customer patterns and behaviors.

Most CDPs have limited or no reporting capabilities at all.

Scalabilitychoose the right CDP platform

It is frustrating to have a CDP that cannot grow with the business.

By choosing a platform that offers scalability, it can meet the growing demands of the business in the future.

This means that you will be able to scale up or down depending on business performance.

This also offers value for money because you have to pay only for what you need.

Choose a platform that offers flexible plans and packages you can scale in the future.

User-Friendly Interface

Another feature that must be present in the CDP is a seamless and intuitive interface, which will make the system easy to use.

Otherwise, the users will not be keen towards embracing technology. Worse, it can be prone to inaccuracies when marketers do not know how to use it the right way.

Choosing a CDP is not an easy task. You will be overwhelmed with the long list of possibilities, but this should not be an excuse to decide in haste.

Consider the features noted above to help you choose the right platform.

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