Using Gamification to Harness Talent in an Organization

Written By Alla Levin
May 14, 2019

What you Need to Know on Using Gamification to Harness Talent in an Organization

There are different approaches to enhance the effectiveness of employee training.

For instance, with microlearning, training is provided in short and engaging bursts rather than a one-off event.

Another trend that has been evident in recent years is gamification.

This makes employees competitive and adds entertainment value to the training program.

In this post, we’ll discuss more gamification to uncover its potential in harnessing talent.

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What is Gamification?

Gamification is the addition of gaming elements to a learning program for the purpose of improving engagement and effectiveness.

It is a great way to veer away from the traditional in-classroom training set-up.

The use of game-design elements on a non-game context provides a new perspective in employee learning.

Key Elements of GamificationGamification in Learning

There are five basic elements that are present in gamification, which is all crucial in enhancing the effectiveness of training programs:

  • Story Line: A concrete storyline guides the learners throughout the training, keeping them connected and engaged.
  • Challenges: There are levels and challenges that make the training more exciting. It motivates the participants to do better and be at their best.
  • Rewards: As participants learn something new and improve their skill sets, they receive points and rewards. This gives a sense of fulfillment to the participant.
  • Score: It provides a sense of accomplishment to the participant. Often, there are also leaderboards that can promote a more competitive spirit.
  • Analytics: This provides insights on how the learner has performed during the training. It gives a picture of the progress of the learner and what can be done to improve.

The Benefits of GamificationGamification is identified as the key to make cyber learning effective.

The point of this article is to highlight that gamification harnesses the talent within an organization so that is its most obvious benefit.

Aside from such, it also promotes friendly competition while making the training participants more attentive.

This is a great solution to beat boredom and short attention span.

It motivates the learner to finish the course and to beat other participants. At the end of the day, it does not only impart new knowledge but also gives a sense of accomplishment after finishing the challenges and emerging on the top of the scoreboard.

Gamification is identified as the key to make cyber learning effective.

Even if cyber learning already has its fair share of benefits, such as being accessible anytime and anywhere, it becomes even better when it is infused with gamification elements.

Take note, however, that gamification does not only harness the organization’s talent.

While the latter is what we are emphasizing in this post, it should be mentioned that gamification also applies to customers, providing businesses with the opportunity to create more engaging experiences that can be beneficial in driving profitability.

Gamification takes employee training to the next level. It makes learning engaging and entertaining to increase its effectiveness.

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