How Tech Companies Are Shaping the World

Written By Alla Levin
May 20, 2019
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Here is How Tech Companies Are Shaping the World

Modern technology has brought significant changes in businesses globally. In the past, investors made lengthy and time-consuming transactions. Currently, you can easily transact with clients or vendors through phone calls.

Established tech firms offer a football index promo code when you integrate their software into your business operations. In this post, we discuss four tech companies that are shaping the world.

Bank of America Corp (BOA)Bank of America Corp (BOA)

There are many banks in the U.S. The Bank of America Corp applies artificial intelligence. It changes how the bank manages assets and monitors markets. BOA introduced ERICA in 2016. It is a chatbox that helps clients manage their finances and check their portfolios.

It offers the latest information regarding your assets. ERICA offers cognitive messaging and predictive analysis to advise clients on paying a debt and making payments. It is a multi-generation plan for the bank as it intends to develop an intelligent chatbox. A while back, Amazon and Apple debuted Alexa and Siri. Check what to expect from Amazon in the upcoming future.

Global Blockchain Technologies

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Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are rapidly gaining popularity. This year, venture capital companies invested $4.5 billion in cryptocurrencies. Global Technologies is determined to diversify cryptocurrency technology.

Its business plan provides entrepreneurs with cryptocurrencies. They are sold on the TSX Venture Exchange. Wall Street isn’t sure if some nations will prohibit Bitcoin transactions.

TeslaTesla CEO Elon Musk

Elon Musk founded Tesla. It is a prominent car manufacturer based in the U.S. the auto firm has a remarkable stock performance and quality products. Tesla’s stock price increased by 1200 percent within seven years. Tesla released the Tesla Model 3 this year. It is a classy and affordable car.

The firm is focusing on self-driving auto technology. Earlier this year, Musk revealed that the new technology would be available by 2021.

Tech companies: Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)Advanced Micro Devices

In 2016, AMD recorded a 700 percent investment return. The firm supplies quality semiconductors. It is expected to make more returns shortly. Intel and NVIDIA are among the major rivals of AMD. Advanced Micro Devices offer discounts and competitive pricing.

Although some of its semiconductors are underpowered compared to their competitors, AMD has attracted a huge clientele in the laptop and PC market. The demand for high-end PCs has drastically dropped since 2010.

Technology is evolving rapidly. It has changed our lives in various ways, including improved communication and healthcare. New tech trends are introduced every year. Technology has made it possible to keep in touch with friends and family members living abroad.

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