CBD Market Analysis You Don’t Want to Miss

Written By Alla Levin
May 27, 2019
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CBD Market Analysis: Industry Size, Market Trends and More

Ever since marijuana was legalized, the CBD market has witnessed significant growth. This has been attributed to the preferred use of these products by many because of their medical benefits.

CBD, a popular natural chemical compound from cannabis, can be used in treating a wide variety of conditions. It is estimated that about 7% of Americans are using this product, a high number of them are using it for medical treatments. The number is expected to increase in the coming years.

Some of the benefits linked to using these products include treating pain, anxiety, and some skin conditions. CBD can also help improve the situation of those battling cancer since it suppresses the growth or spread of cancer cells in one’s body. Such benefits are the reasons why most people prefer using them.

Market AnalysisCBD Wholesale

The global CBD market has witnessed significant growth over recent years. It is expected to register a 30% compound annual growth rate in revenue within the next five years. The Global CBD Market is expected to hit $760 million by 2023 from a previous $150 million. This is according to a report by LP Information. Other researchers expect it to be more than that in the coming years. Many people are venturing into this industry. You will find so many brands out there others giving you the option to buy CBD Wholesale.

Market Trends

CBD has taken over so many industries, including health, beauty, food, and beverage sectors. It has witnessed a massive success in different markets, with many comparing it to other trends like the rise of Bitcoin in 2016.

This is the right time to venture into the CBD business and take advantage of the ever-growing market. One of the key driving factors in the CBD market is its increased demand from different parts of the continent.

The medical benefits linked to its use are one of the reasons why many people are using it. Most people using products made using this cannabis compound are from the US. South American nations like Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina follow closely. North America makes the largest market of CBD.

CompetitionCBD Wholesale

The CBD market is a bit competitive with new products being introduced each day. Technological developments have also been witnessed in the global CBD market. Some manufacturers like this cbd manufacturer have set up businesses online to reach a broader audience using the interwebs.

You can purchase CBD Wholesale from some of these shops. Most companies are partnering with other key players to reach out to people from different corners of the globe and intensify competition in this sector. You should familiarize yourself with all this if you want to take the bold step of venturing into the CBD market.

CBD market analysis: conclusion

With such findings, it is correct to say that the CBD market is worth the risk. The different projections tabled by experts and also the global demand for these products are some of the reasons you should not hesitate to venture into the CBD market.

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