Unique Wedding Themes for Every Bridal Style

Written By Alla Levin
May 28, 2019
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Check These Unique Wedding Themes for Every Bridal Style

You’ve just experienced the proposal of a lifetime, and now you’re getting ready to plan the wedding of a lifetime. You always had a picture in your head of what it would look like, but now you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the choices out there.

For that, Paradise Weddings offers a solution! Paradise Weddings is a great company that plans weddings in elegant and unique ways. Their team of destination wedding planners is professionals who will plan your wedding day in an ideal way and make it memorable.

One thing is essential, though – you want it to be unique. You don’t have to go off the map too much to create a beautiful, unique wedding theme. Let’s take a look at some unique wedding theme ideas that can match your bridal style, whatever it may be.

Vintage Wedding Theme

beautiful vintage diamond ring t

If you’re into all things vintage – including the beautiful vintage diamond ring that he had made for you especially – then perhaps you want to turn the clock back on your wedding theme. Draw inspiration from decades gone if you want to create a vintage wedding theme – and one of the best ways you can do this is through your wedding look.

When it comes to the reception and ceremony, you can opt for vintage décor, including worn wooden seats and weathered doors. To pull off the vintage theme, finish the evening by driving away in a vintage car like a Cadillac or an old Volkswagen.

Whimsical Wedding Theme

unique wedding theme

If you’ve always been a fun-loving, lighthearted person, you may want to emulate this through your unique wedding theme. Try going for bright splashes of color through the ceremony and reception, while incorporating quirky components as well. This could include colorful floral arrangements, teal table runner or tablecloth, and different colored streamers and balloons. For the full whimsical look, try mismatched chairs and quirky plates and cutlery.

Modern Wedding ThemeModern Wedding Theme

If you’re more of a modern girl, you may want to try to minimalist look for your unique wedding theme. This is becoming more and more popular as people go down the road of ‘less is more’. When planning your modern minimalist wedding, think of geometric shapes and clean lines.

Try incorporating sleek seats against a fresh structural backdrop that is complemented by a bold color scheme. Modern is all about minimal design and making a statement with sharp shapes.

Beach Party Theme

How about the beach party? It is pretty much of of the unique wedding themes to consider. Your guests would adore the atmosphere of the vacation. It’s a perfect chance to combine your big day and all things sea and adventures.

Isn’t it one of the best ideas? Let’s think about Punta Cana wedding. Transform the most eastern part of the Dominican Republic where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic and make it your wedding destination.

Casual Garden PartyCasual Garden Party

You may be an easy-going bride-to-be that isn’t planning on getting too caught up in the preparations – you’d rather focus on the meaning behind what you’re about to do. If you’re feeling relaxed about your wedding theme, why not go for a casual garden party?

It’s intimate, relaxed, comfortable going, and is going to guarantee a good time for all. If you’ve got a summer wedding planned, then try taking it outside and get people dancing underneath the fairy lights.

Art DecoUnique Wedding -art deco

You may be someone who studied art history in college and can’t seem to let go of the splendor that was discovered. The timeless style of art deco shines the spotlight on a lavishness that would be worthy of the Great Gatsby era.

Think ornate gold with sparkles and robust, bold fonts – and don’t forget about all of those geometric shapes with sharp lines. If you love the idea of everything looking jazz-age glam, then you’ll want to pick an art deco for your unique wedding theme. It can be tricky picking out your wedding theme, especially if you want it to be unique and memorable.

From modern minimalist to vintage and even art deco, here are some inspiring ideas to get you in the mood so you can create the wedding of your dreams – and people will still be talking about it for years to come.

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