6 Ways to Destress Before a Big Presentation

Written By Alla Levin
July 02, 2019

Check How to Relax Before a Presentation

While some people are naturally confident when delivering a business pitch or presentation, others can dread the thought of public speaking. If your professional success relies heavily on giving presentations frequently, then you should consider investing in public speaking classes that will help you in your long-term growth.

Instead of allowing the nerves to get the best of you, you must look for ways to relax and unwind prior to the event, which can make you feel calm and collected when the opportunity arrives. Here are six ways to de-stress before a big presentation.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re worried about forgetting important aspects of your presentation, take the time to write an attention-grabbing pitch instead of winging it. Practice makes perfect when delivering a presentation, as it will provide you with a chance to work on your delivery. You also could ask your loved ones to sit in on a rehearsal to work on your confidence, or you could record a presentation to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

Distance Yourself from an Upcoming PitchTV series on Netflix

If the thought of delivering a presentation makes you feel more than a little queasy, you must aim to relax your mind and body. If you don’t, you’ll increase the likelihood of you fluffing your lines or mumbling your speech. To keep those troublesome jitters at bay, distance yourself from an upcoming presentation.

So, after you have rehearsed your delivery, you should do something fun to take your mind off the event. For example, you could distract your brain by checking out the different games at LottoGo.com, watching a TV series on Netflix, or organizing dinner or drinks with your friends or colleagues.

Visualize a Successful Presentation

If you constantly focus on the many areas where your presentation can go wrong, you’re bound to feel more than a little nervous. To boost your confidence, visualize finishing a business presentation and receiving applause from your audience. Positive visualization could potentially lead to a more optimistic outlook, which can make you feel more confident during the delivery.

Arrive Earlyvisualize finishing a business presentation

Arriving with minutes to spare before a presentation could make you feel flustered and unconfident. For this reason, you should arrive early to set up your PowerPoint slides, read through your speech, and calm your nerves before an audience comes. Don’t forget to grab a bottle of water on the way, so you are never struggling with a dry throat during a presentation.

How to Relax Before a Presentation – Meet Your Audience

Arriving early will also provide an opportunity to personally introduce yourself to different attendees. By taking the time to speak to them when they arrive, you’ll appear both friendly and likable, so they’ll be more likely to smile during a presentation, which could support a confident delivery.

Smile Naturally

Smiling naturally cannot only make people warm to you during a presentation, but it can also increase endorphins in your body. As a result, it can ease any anxiety you are feeling and could make you appear more energetic and confident to your audience.

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