What’s the Best Travel Insurance for College Students?

Written By Alla Levin
July 04, 2019

Check the Best Travel Insurance for College Students

I am sure you are aware of the social benefits of physical education and sports and if you are traveling abroad for specialized studies or higher education,  you should not forget to buy the best student travel insurance plan. The insurance plan will cover various risk factors so that you can focus on your studies and achieve academic goals without any issues.

Benefits of a travel insurance plan

  • Covers various risk factors – Studying in a new place and in a new country involves many challenges. You can overcome all those challenges by buying a comprehensive insurance policy;
  • Cost-effective – A travel insurance plan will save you from financial stress. If you are hospitalized due to an accident or illness, the insurance company will pay the medical bills. The cost of treatment in a foreign country is very high. You can buy an insurance policy in India so that the premium will be low and the benefits will be high;
  • Emergency assistance – when you are alone in a foreign country, the insurance plan will work like a companion. You can reach the toll-free number provided by the insurance company to get immediate assistance. The local representatives of the insurance company will guide you so that you can choose the best hospital. You will also overcome the language barrier;
  • Loss of baggage – If there is a loss of baggage while traveling, the insurance company will pay the compensation;
  • Loss of travel documents – The insurance company will help you in arranging new travel documents if you lose documents such as a visa or passport.

The best travel insurance planThe best travel insurance plan

Students should choose a cost-effective and feature-rich insurance policy so that they can make the most of the money. The following Best Travel Insurance for Students can be considered in this direction:

Bajaj Allianz Student Elite Plan

Bajaj Allianz is one of the reputed insurance companies in India. Students can go through various kinds of insurance policies offered by the company so that it is possible to settle for the best policy.

The following types of plans are offered for students:

  • Student Elite Plan
  • Student Companion Plan
  • Scholars Guide
  • Brilliant Minds

Student Elite Plan – The plan will fulfill the insurance requirements of a student pursuing higher education in other countries.

Features of Student Elite Plan

  • Customization – The insurance plan can be customized as per the needs of the student
  • Reimbursement of tuition fee – The insurance policy will reimburse the tuition fee if the student discontinues studies on medical grounds. The death of the student, interruption to studies due to hospitalization (due to accident or sickness) will be covered by the policy.
  • Death of the sponsor – If there is a death or permanent disability of the sponsor, the school fee will be reimbursed by the insurance company.
  • Travel cost of the family member – If the student is hospitalized and requires the attendance of the family member, the insurance company will reimburse the travel cost of the family member.
  • Compensation for loss of limb or eye – The insurance policy will cover accidental bodily injuries such as limb or eye.
  • Bail bond coverage – Unless the insured has broken the law, the insurance company will pay the bail amount towards the release of the insured.
  • Emergency dental relief – If there is a dental injury, the insurance company will reimburse the medical bills.

Advantages of Bajaj Allianz student insurance plan

  • Global expertise – The insurance company has global expertise and it will deliver the best service and support to customers. The customer support executives will have the local knowledge which is beneficial to customers in offering timely services.
  • Innovative packages – customers can choose a package policy to get enhanced benefits
  • Quick processing of claims – The claims will be processed very quickly by the insurance company
  • Internal toll-free number – Customers can reach by calling the toll-free number from anywhere in the world

Educare – Apollo Munich Travel InsuranceAdvantages of Bajaj Allianz student insurance plan

Indian students traveling abroad for full-time college or school education can buy an ‘Educare’ travel insurance plan from Apollo Munich. Students in the age group of 10 to 50 years will be covered by the policy.

The policy is issued for an individual only.

  • Policy duration – You can buy travel insurance for a duration of your choice 30/60/90/120/150/180/240/270 days or 1/2/3 years.
  • Medical treatment – The insurance policy covers out-patient treatment and in-patient treatment. There will be reimbursement for prescribed diagnostic procedures. The medical treatment includes transfer to a special clinic (if necessary) and transportation by recognized emergency services.
  • Dental treatment – The emergency dental treatment to get relief from pain will be reimbursed by the insurance company.
  • Medical evacuation – Transportation cost from one hospital to another hospital (due to lack of facilities at the first hospital) will be covered by the insurance plan
  • Repatriation of mortal remains – The mortal remains of the insured will be sent to the home country by the insurance carrier
  • Medical cover for trips in India – The risks involved in the short period of stay in India during the insurance policy year will be covered by the insurance company.
  • Optional benefits – The insurance company will cover standard features including maternity benefit, childcare benefit, personal liability, compassionate visit, study interruption, and sponsor protection. It will offer various kinds of optional benefits such as treatment of mental disorder and drug dependency. Cancer screening, emergency financial assistance and medical expenses for intercollegiate sports can be subscribed by paying an additional premium.
  • Travel inconvenience cover – the loss of checked-in baggage, delay of baggage and loss of passport will be covered by the insurance policy.

HDFC Student Suraksha Travel insuranceVarious Kinds of Student Travel Insurance Policies

HDFC Ergo offers various kinds of student travel insurance policies.

The existing Indian students who are already studying abroad as well as aspiring students can buy student travel insurance policies from the company.

Features of Student Suraksha

  • Composite coverage – The single insurance policy will cover various risk factors including health, luggage, tuition fee, and bail bond
  • All Indian students – The insurance policy can be bought by all Indian students who are traveling abroad for higher studies or diploma courses
  • No health check-up – No health check-up is required to subscribe to the student travel insurance policy from the insurance carrier
  • Coverage period – The insurance company covers a period of 30 days to 2 years
  • Additional benefits – additional coverage is available by the insurance company which include maternity benefit, cancer screening, childcare benefit, mental & nervous disorders, and mammography screening
  • Various plans – HDFC Ergo offers various insurance plans as per the budget and requirements of students. There are platinum, gold, silver, bronze, and standard plans from the insurance company. The platinum plan offers maximum coverage and the insurance premium will be high. The standard plan covers most of the basic requirements of a student’s overseas travel insurance policy.
  • Age group – students between 16 and 35 years will be able to choose the most appropriate insurance plan as per their needs.

TATA AIG Student Guard  Best Travel Insurance for Students

TATA AIG offers a single trip or annual trip student travel insurance plan to fulfill the needs of various kinds of students. You can choose Best Travel Insurance Plans as per your budget and risk perception.


  • Single trip – The policy covers one trip only. It cannot be renewed or canceled or refunded by the insurance company.
  • Annual trip – The policy can be renewed by taking the consent of the insurance company.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment – The policy will cover accidental death or injury. The insurance company will pay appropriate compensation as per the case.
  • Special extensions – There are special extensions that can be subscribed to by the customer. The extension includes coverage of pre-existing conditions, maternity benefit, childcare benefit, treatment for the mental or nervous disorder, cancer screening, and physiotherapy.
  • Dental relief – The policy will cover emergency dental expenses.
  • Assistance – The insured will get various kinds of assistance from the insurance company including medical assistance, medical evacuation, repatriation, legal assistance, loss of baggage, loss of passport, and pre-departure services.
  • Personal liability – The property damage and medical expenses involved due to legal battles will the insured will be paid by the insurance company.
  • Sponsor protection – The tuition fee paid by the insured will be reimbursed by the insurance company if the sponsor of the student dies during the policy period. The sponsor’s name should be mentioned while buying the insurance policy.
  • Fraudulent charges – The charges incurred for the payment card through fraud will be covered by the insurance policy.

Conclusion on the Best Travel Insurance for College Students

There are many options for Indian students in pursuing the best education in foreign countries. Best Travel Insurance for Students will cover most of the risk factors. Just in case check some cheap travel destinations for US Nursing Students.

You should choose a plan as per the place of travel and nature of course. The insurance plan should cover the sponsor, health issues, loss of luggage, and travel documents. By customizing a policy as per your needs, you can pay the lowest possible premium and get maximum benefits. A Best Travel Insurance for College Students policy can be bought online.

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