3 Amazing Reasons to Still Buy Bitcoin in 2020

Written By Alla Levin
July 07, 2019
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Is Bitcoin Still a Good Investment: Reasons to Still Buy Bitcoin in 2020

The bid and clamor for bitcoin might seem to have reduced, unlike some years ago. That is not so true. Digital currencies are now the ‘borderless currencies.’

More approach is taken towards direct marketing, and more people now understand the market; hence, the reduction in publicity, unlike some years back.

Bitcoin investment is still one of the surest businesses to be involved with, as long as it is done with trusted bitcoin investment sites. Here are three fantastic reasons why investing in bitcoin is still a good thing in 2019.

High Adoption Rate

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency with the highest adoption rate worldwide. The adoption rate is growing exponentially. This increment in adoption is based on factors including credibility and trust that the digital currency has offered its investors over the years.

Big, international market and sales platforms with credible track records such as Amazon and Apple are incorporating bitcoin as a mode of payment and transaction options.

In the previous year’s annual record, it became apparent that many South American countries have taken to this currency with increasing bitcoin trades. Currently, Bitcoin has cleared the doubt of many as it has reached the highest price mark of the year already.

The Future of Bitcoin is Here bitcoin investment strategy. 

Bitcoin investment has a high liquidity rate, even now. Currently, the price is favorable, and it is just the start of the ‘invest now and earn double, later’ season; it is not the Ponzi scheme type.

Either as a beginner or a consistent trader, bitcoin investment promises a significant ROI that you can leverage. The prospects of bitcoin are high, right from the whitepaper and the recent 5-year price graph; the increasing figures are evident for an improved future. 

Furthermore, the lightning network and technology of funds transfer is super-fast and can beat other payment options, such as VISA, to its game, even at a lesser charge. The network will have the transaction details recorded on the blockchain, and users’ security options are preserved.

Is Bitcoin Still a Good Investment: The Demand is High

As mentioned about the high adoption rate, the demand for bitcoin globally is also on the increase, and most of those buying are doing so for investment purposes. The demand is high, and it will be right for you to be a part of the demand chain early for the futuristic ROI turns. 

Similarly, the increment in demand will cause a corresponding increment in value and cost.

Another growing aspect of this benefit is in bitcoin mining, which you can also invest in, as your bitcoin investment strategy

There are only 21 million Bitcoins in existence. And as of now, 17 million bitcoins are mined and in circulation with only 4 million left.

The figures give details of the fact that the demand is high and hints on investing in the trade deal before it is all mined.

Nothing can disprove the fact that cryptocurrencies will be here for a very long time, as a means of international trade; so, what are you still waiting for?

It is 2019 already!

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