8 Critical Pieces of Business Equipment Worthy of Your Investment

Written By Alla Levin
July 16, 2019

Pieces of Business Equipment Worthy of Your Investment

What is Business Equipment? Modern conveniences have cut back the time and energy to perform specific tasks that would have taken longer previously. You are probably one of those who have left their corporate jobs and run their business idea from home, made easier because of the internet and technology.

If all goes well, you may need to move out of your home office and into a relatively larger space. The move can mean hiring a few people and providing them with the right tools to facilitate and enhance their productivity. You also have to invest in devices that ensure the viability of your day-to-day operations.

You probably don’t need a lot of office equipment, which has been narrowed down for your reference.


How fast must these PCs or laptops be? The answer depends on the applications that you or your staff will use every day. Word processing, spreadsheet editing, and internet browsing, among the usual business tasks, can be done with a decent processor built into a not-so-expensive computer that you can upgrade over time.

However, the system requirements are higher if video, photo, and animation come into the picture. Not only will you need a top-of-the-line computer or laptop, but you will also need a high-speed internet connection.

Desks and Chairs benefits of the ergonomic chair.

If there are only four or five people in the office, it is more practical to work closely on a big table with laptops, preferably. As the company grows, you will have to buy custom desks and chairs. Everyone has his or her personal space for a healthy environment conducive to work.

Invest in ergonomic chairs to discourage poor posture, which is often suspected of causing stress and certain medical conditions. With comfortable working conditions, you can expect better results. Why not consider the ergonomic chair? Here you can discover the benefits of the ergonomic chair.

Business equipment: server

Enlist the help of an IT expert to set up and configure your workstations and server, which can be physical (i.e., a computer, only that it is more powerful) or virtual (i.e., hosted on the cloud). The server gives you full control, access, and storage of proprietary and sensitive company data. It also makes sharing files and tools convenient among computers or clients within the network. Through the server, you are allowed to access files stored in one of the work computers remotely.

External Hard Drivebusiness equipment

This device serves as a backup for essential work files. Some events like poor internet connection, power outages, or a sudden move to another place or one’s home can happen in any workplace. With a portable hard drive, you will always have a copy of what you need wherever you may be working.

Multifunction Printer

It can be a copier, scanner, and printer in one. Although going paperless is a trend, that’s not the case for all companies and organizations. Some still require hard copies for documentation and filing purposes.

Aside from looking into the capabilities of your printer, consider its connectivity. Find a multifunctional machine that lets computers wirelessly connect to for a less cluttered workplace and convenience.

Camera with Video business equipment

If your social media strategy involves creating video content, choose a camera with high-resolution capability. A DSLR or mirrorless camera can get the job done, but the key is in its specs.

For one, look into its ability to work in low-light conditions, offer decent to long battery life, and shoot quality stills worthy of shares and likes. You also have to consider the ease of connecting an external microphone and HDMI monitor for live streaming.

Business Equipment: Telephone

The era of landlines may be over; however, they can hold their own in terms of local calls. It is also not unusual to find vendors who have telephone numbers as their primary contact point, and sometimes, a call gets things done faster.

Getting an office landline these days is easier because the device is often bundled with internet service. Speaking of the internet and the telephone, you may want to do more with VoIP phones that look like the usual analog telephone but with added functionalities.

Videoconference Stationunified conference station

Videoconferencing has broken down the barriers of communication. It makes the constant exchange of words and ideas among your staff, especially those working remotely, clients, and customers, free-flowing and consistent.

A unified conference station such as the Polycom CX5500 offers a total package for the virtual meeting experience. Although the system looks and sounds sophisticated, you only need to plug it into a laptop and start the videoconference without delay.

Entrepreneurs like you are lucky to rely on equipment that speeds up and streamlines work without going far away from your desk or seat. These tools are clearly for your advantage, so make sure you put each of them to good use.

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