Why is User Happiness Vital in Tech?

Written By Alla Levin
July 17, 2019

Why is User Happiness Vital in Tech?

Technology is continually advancing to impact positively on all our lives. This has seen many new products we buy to make use of the latest technology to offer more excellent usability.

From new smartphones to the latest tech gadgets, TV’s, and smart speakers, there is a whole range of products available to enrich our daily lives. One thing is super important for the manufacturers in this area though – user happiness.

User happiness is how enjoyable and fun the tech products are to use for consumers. This is key to ensuring the reputation of a technology business remains intact and that the products continue to sell well.

It is not just the designers of the physical products that must consider user happiness; tech businesses, including online casino sites, also have to factor that into their apps.

Doing so effectively means that people will continue to use them and will also tell their friends about them. Many companies attract users by offering attractive sign-up bonuses to new players – the Golden Nugget casino no deposit bonus is one illustration of this idea in action.

When it comes to user happiness, though, one platform does require a lot of attention from tech companies and online operators – that is social media.

Young people who love tech love social media how social media can help build rapport with customers.

It has been reported that social media is mostly used by the younger 18 to 29 age range. This is also an age range which has disposable income and inclination to buy tech products or use online tech.

When combined, this gives social media a unique position of influence in how tech companies or products can fare.

The figures behind social media use back this up. When you see that a major platform like Instagram has more than one billion global users, it is clear just how much tech reviews posted on there can resonate with others around the world.

Bad news can spread very quickly on these platforms, which is why user happiness for tech companies is so important. If companies fail to put enough effort into keeping their users happy, they are likely to head onto social media to complain.

Here is how social media can help build rapport with customers.

How do tech companies keep their users happy?

Of course, the easy way to avoid bad reviews for any company that operates online or sells tech products is to keep its users happy. We have already briefly looked at how online sites use discount offers or sign-up bonuses to do this.

Another way is only making sure what they offer meets their customers’ expectations. Online casino or game sites, for example, will invest heavily in the user experience to make their site fun to use.

Customer service is kinghow social media can help build rapport with customers. (2)

Another significant factor in user happiness, which tech companies leverage is offering excellent customer support.

If we look at social media again, all the major companies are active on the platforms to engage with consumers and resolve any issues which may otherwise spiral out of control. The critical point is that keeping consumers happy is something that all tech companies and sites must do to remain competitive.

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