How to Stretch your Firm’s Office Furniture Budget

Written By Alla Levin
July 26, 2019

Stretching Firm’s Office Furniture Budget

Without an office – stylish, comfortable, corresponding to the image and status of the enterprise, it is almost impossible to work in modern conditions. But the cost of creating such an office is beyond the reach of most, especially if the company is small or a start-up.

How can we reduce the costs of the heaviest part of the estimate – office furniture, without compromising its quality? Read some tips from Office Monster!

Office Furniture Budget: Setting priorities

First of all, it is necessary to define the main goals of the office. They are divided into internal and external. The external one includes the activity of the office to form the image of the company, implies efforts to ensure the right impression on customers, partners, and suppliers. Internal tasks of the office are to create comfortable conditions for employees.

The number of workplaces should be based on the expected number of clients and correspond exactly to it. In any case, do not save money on the “face” of the office – the director’s office should impress with stability and reliability.

Office Furniture: MinimalismOffice Furniture Budget

A realistic approach to selecting a stylistic trend will help reduce costs. No matter how much you like the classics, you won’t be able to recreate it with cheap fakes which always look pathetic.

It is better to choose inexpensively, but elegant design solutions – modernism, minimalism, high-tech. Office furniture for such interiors is necessary for the minimum quantity accurately corresponding to the requirements of the personnel.

Modular basis

It will significantly reduce the cost estimate and the purchase of modular furniture. Individual modular blocks made in the same style, made of the same materials, in the same overall dimensions, allow you to simulate the workstations of a wide variety of configurations for any room, without spending money on individual production.

Modular sets for the personnel include tables, chairs, reception desks, pencil cases, drawers, cabinets, and much more. Even the sofa for the office in the recreation area can be formed of separate soft blocks.

Save on detailsreception desks

A good way to save money is to choose the right type of fastening hardware. However, it is important to know for sure if you will need to move soon. In reception desks ( two main types of fasteners are used – conforms and mini-fixes. Approximately equal in strength they are very different in price.

The high cost of mini-fixes is due to their resistance to multiple assemblies/disassemblies. In conclusion, I would like to share with you a few tips on how to stretch your budget.

Create a plan

Do not rush to buy the first table, chair, or meeting room furniture you see on sale at your local store. Instead, take some time to carefully create the plan. Pay attention to where the office furniture will be installed and how much space can be allocated for it.

Start studying the market offerings

Start looking for a product, but don’t want to buy it. The difference in prices may surprise you, so you should go shopping to determine the choice and cost of furniture.

Consult your colleagues and subordinatesStretching Firm's Office Furniture Budget

Perhaps, one of your colleagues recently bought furniture for his office. Then, it is quite possible that the shop gave him a discount or bonuses for the next purchase. Feel free to ask colleagues and subordinates about all the details and where they buy furniture. The more information you have, the easier it will be for you to make an informed decision about where to buy inexpensive furniture.

If you buy online, remember to include shipping costs in your spending list. At first, you may think you’re saving online, but you may be shocked to have to pay huge bills for furniture delivery. Used office furniture is a great way to save money. You can also buy furniture that has been restored and repaired: it won’t hit your wallet too hard either.

Don’t mention this opportunity immediately: as a rule, companies provide excellent prices for repaired and restored furniture, and, in addition, give you a guarantee, the term of which can be exactly the same as the guarantee for new furniture.

Ask about additional discounts

The old saying: “You won’t get anything if you don’t ask for it” is valid without fail. Feel free to apply for additional discounts, especially if you are buying large quantities of office furniture or planning to purchase from suppliers in the near future. Office furniture is necessary, but you should not make the task of buying it an impossible one. Saving is easy!

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