how to best light a wedding
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How to Best Light a Wedding

Stage Lights? It cannot be denied that lighting is the most critical element when it comes to wedding decor. Yes, flowers and chiffon are pretty, but without the proper light, they just wouldn’t look right. Here are nine lighting fixtures that you can choose from to dress up your wedding and reception venue.

Twinkling Lights

String lights, when draped across the ceiling, can create the illusion of a starry sky, even in daylight. This works even better when done outdoors. Twinkling lights can also make the ceiling appear higher when one end of the string is positioned at a lower height.


When lights are strategically placed on the floor and are pointed up to the ceiling or installation, that’s called uplighting. It’s an easy but effective way to set the mood of the space. For a winter-wonderland theme, you can fill the room with purple or blue uplighting.

Suspended Lights

Amazing stage lights are one way to draw your guests’ attention once they enter the venue is with suspended lighting installation, like a dozen hanging light bulbs arranged in different heights or candles that mimic Harry Potter. If you’re looking for a cool alternative to the classic lanterns and chandeliers, this is it.

Light Backdropthe amazing stage lights

When you think about light in the photo backdrop stand, it’s usually the amazing stage lights that come to your mind. But lighting fixtures themselves can be the actual backdrops. The most common one on Pinterest has got to be a wall of string lights that line a sheer curtain and those huge light-up letters that remind you of Broadway shows.


The thing with lanterns is that they come in different shapes and designs, so you have a lot of options to choose from depending on the aesthetic that you’re trying to achieve. Asian inspired? Go with Chinese paper lanterns. How about vintage or rustic? Then go with gas lanterns.


To instantly add drama to your wedding venue, strategically place chandeliers of varying sizes on your ceiling. This works really well on high ceilings. You can also bring them closer to the dance floor if you want an accent piece that draws your guests’ attention.


Candles are the perfect centerpieces for your table setup. They will go well with the flowers and place settings that you have been meticulously curating for months. Experiment with varying heights and different-colored candles to achieve Instagram-worthy status. Your guests will thank you for the effort that you’ve made.


Projections, whether on the floor, walls, or ceiling, add texture or character to an otherwise blank slate. With the help of computer graphics and carefully placed lighting equipment, you can instantly create a beautiful backdrop, an illuminated center aisle, or a mesmerizing ceiling that would wow everyone.

Projections are also cost-effective because they don’t require additional time and materials to set up.

Lit-Up Dance Floor

While not exactly a lighting fixture, an LED dance floor is a sure way to entice your guests to get up on their feet and strut their stuff. Think of it as the chandelier for your floor because it serves as a centerpiece. The color-changing LED strip lights instantly boost the room’s ambiance while creating an inviting atmosphere for the guests to socialize.


Now that you know the different lighting fixtures you can use in planning for your wedding and reception, here are four tips to help you along the way.

Hire a Pro

Lighting is a complicated thing because it requires a lot of equipment. The first person you should ask about this is your wedding coordinator or florist because many already provide lighting services. If they don’t, they can recommend companies that they have worked with in the past. Check out their portfolio and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Know Your Lights

You should familiarize yourself with some basic lighting lingo so that when you talk to your event organizer or lighting provider, the person in charge knows exactly what you want for your wedding. You can always describe the kind of lighting you want, but knowing simple terms like pin spot, color wash, or gobos will save you that long conversation on amazing stage lights.

Indoor or Outdoor

Where you decide to hold your wedding and reception will determine the kind of lighting fixtures you need. When you do a site visit, make sure your lighting provider is with you so that the hired professional can also assess the space and give recommendations to you. If you’re hosting outdoors, take note of the possibility of bad weather and plan a contingency plan to secure all the equipment.

How to best light a wedding – Amazing Stage Lights

Every wedding has a different aesthetic, and lighting is partly responsible for that. For a classic wedding, chandeliers and soft glow lights always do the trick. Market lights and makeshift lanterns from mason jars for a rustic vibe. For something that’s modern or edgy, fill your space with neon lights and LED screens.

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