Key Trends for Online Casino Industry 
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Critical Trends for Online Casino Industry

In the 1990s, that’s when the online gaming industry and fee slots started to make their initial appearance. Only a handful of online casinos were available, characterized by dial-up internet, poor audiovisual content, and slow connectivity.

With the evolvement of 3G, 4G,  wireless internet, cellular communication, and broadband, the online casino industry and its overall quality have dramatically improved. The industry has been dominated by leading industry leaders such as Playtech, Cryptologic, and Microgaming.

These have been known for their top-notch gaming platforms, award-winning games, and cutting-edge technology. The online casino industry is estimated to exceed $60 billion annually.

There is excellent, significant upside potential. By 2020, with the growth already witnessed, the online casino industry is set to explode. Thanks to tech-based innovations, all were working together to improve the user experience. This article outlines key trends that are driving this exponential growth rate by 2020.

Women will make way into the industryKey Trends for Online Casino Industry

Among the many industries dominated by male players was the online casino industry. The fact that the game only happened at physical casinos seemed to attract only men. But today, casino games have gone beyond the walls of the casino houses, thanks to technology.

Now, this male-dominated industry has broadened its focus to appeal to women too, and in return, women are now much represented in this industry. The industry doesn’t portray women as objects, like many other industries, but considers their preferences, gaming behavior, and perceptions.

Another great step is that casino games can be found on social platforms like Facebook. Facebook, being a giant social network, many people now are familiar with online gaming and fee slots, which would otherwise have remained a reserve for a few.

Many gaming sites use the tactic of free spins for $1 to get the attention of their potential subscribers. As women continue to find a way into the industry, developers have started to take note of that.

Currently, and going into 2023, the industry is pushing for a general societal shift to detoxify the online casino space. Today, online casino websites have changed from masculine themes to more female-friendly themes. Undoubtedly, several other developments will increase the level of comfort female players enjoy from online casinos.

Blockchain implementation in casinosBlockchain implementation in casinos

Among the many industries blockchain will shape is the gambling industry. Although this industry is overly addictive, many perceive online gambling as unfair. Casinos make money when players lose more often than they win.

Many users feel that online casino sites have a special switch that turns the odds in their favor, which is quite a disadvantage if the allegations hold. Additionally, casinos are not easy to squeeze money from—even after winning fairly and squarely.

There have been cases where winners wait for days or weeks before they get their payout and eventually get blocked from ever re-accessing the site. Winning is perceived as a business risk. Blockchain technology will set high trust standards—blockchain involves 100% transparency and efficiency.

In the gambling industry, Canadian bitcoin casinos have proven to be one of the most secure platforms to play for real money. “This will not change, blockchain will not magically transform gambling into a wonderland where players win most of the time”, says Filifi Poutintsev, CMO of

Blockchain will store records of all games and bets, their results, and the amounts that were won and paid out.

Players can always access the transaction history to confirm that the system paid out all that was due and that the odds were not rigged”. So, Blockchain will be rendered to online casinos as a solution to the trust issue which has dominated for a long.

Better user experience based on Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence

The rise of AI is significantly impacting all business sectors. You will not be forgiven for thinking that with time, you will be welcomed by a robot at an online casino. Although we can’t tell whether they will be clever support symptoms for players or simply a nuisance, we are sure AI is taking this industry to spectacular heights.

Online casinos are purely a product of AI. This clearly indicates that the same will continue to take online casino sites to better levels. AI will act as online casino cops in a number of ways. AI will facilitate the ability for machines to analyze player behavior, build up a user’s profile as well as spot illegal activities on the site.

Artificial Intelligence will smartly identify sign-up bonus abuse, determining what amounts to cheating and doing simultaneously what human eyes can do, in a fraction of a second. By 2020, Artificial Intelligence is expected to bring more fabulous and amazing features into online gaming.

Welcome BonusesFee Slots

Among the many online casino welcome bonuses, the most popular one is a welcome bonus. By the way, some welcome packages include a no deposit bonus, which is an amazing opportunity!

A casino welcome bonus is awarded to players when signing up on a casino site. Welcome bonuses are now a standard issue across all online casinos, but due to business competition, most online casinos are looking into ways of remaining distinguished from the rest of the pack.

On top of the welcome bonuses, several online casino sites now feature the page of free spins, which encourages people to sign up and try their luck. Also, a welcome bonus will give you match bonuses (based on a percentage of your deposits) and several other incentives.

As we envisage the future, we are made to believe that welcome bonuses will get linked with specific games. For instance, several players have turned out millionaires using their free spins, which they used with the Mega Moolah slot game. No wonder many online casinos have featured Mega Moolah in their welcome bonus promotions.


Yes, these and a lot more are expected to continue into 2020. We have discussed only a few of the most important frontiers of the online gaming industry as we currently see them.

You will notice that the above trends have been cooking for some time, but now, they are beginning to take their space and evolve into radical concepts. As they continue to evolve, the industry is set to enter 2020 on a very strong footing.

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