2024 Will Be An Awesome Year – Here Are 12 Reasons Why

Written By Alla Levin
August 08, 2019

Top Future Technology Predictions 2021

According to some scientific predictions future inventions, 2024 will be a year of its kind, from the complete synthetic human brain to moon mining. Chips implanted in our brains, and self-driving cars, and high-speed rail linking London to Beijing, among others.

Let’s dive quickly and look at future technology predictions 2020 and what this dazzling year holds for us. According to Mike Liebhold, a renowned guy at the Institute for the Future, “It’s not any more fascinating, in my opinion, than 2019 or 2024.”

He helps his clients stretch their eyes into the future so that they can make a reasonable forecast to prepare for subsequent days – future technology predictions and future inventions. With Liebhold’s insight into the future, we took a quick spin through 2021 to see what might send shivers down our spine.

Japan will build a robotic moon base

Moon Base Visions
Photo Credit: space.com

Japan plans to set up a robot moon base by 2020, investing $2 billion. New technology 2020, given its technological prowess, there’s absolutely no reason why Japan can’t progress with its plan of building a robotic lunar outpost come 2020. Liebhold reveals that private launch vehicles are probably capable of doing that, which is technologically possible but economically a deciding factor.

High-Speed Rail that connects Beijing to LondonLondon to Beijing Train

It looks like soon there will be no need for flights from London to Beijing. China’s long-standing plan to connect the East and West with a high-speed rail line will seemingly come to fruition by 2020 – London to Beijing Train.

The plan stipulates that China would pay for and build the infrastructure in exchange for natural resources ranging from minerals, timber, and oil from the nations that would benefit from the infrastructure deal. On the other hand, London is the most popular tourist destination globally, attracting around 30 million visitors annually. By the way, London has enjoyed gambling dens for centuries.

But you don’t have to be a high roller to enjoy totally legal roulette and blackjack in London’s casinos. New technologies opening up amazing opportunities for all. Now you can claim the Heart Bingo welcome offer from bingo-promo.codes right from home. Beijing, meanwhile, is one of the top 5 places to invest in Asia. I personally like one of these future technology predictions!

The emergence of self-driving carsself-driving cars

Yes, we are talking about autonomous cars, not tesla autopilot. This is not new at all, but it has been rumored that self-driving cars are the next big thing. Even before 2020, there are quite remarkable steps towards this except for one or two challenges. One challenge is getting all the cars to speak to one another. Read more about the future of smart transport.

Biofuels will be cost-competitive with fossil fuelsfossil fuels examples

There is a commitment by the U.S. military to turn to 50 percent biofuels by 2020. This push would translate to cleaner vehicles and a major bump in the competitiveness of the biofuel market. We will have some fossil fuel examples very soon. Discover the future with sustainable engineering.

Flying cars will be airborneFlying cars of the future

Flying Cars of the future – well, though this is among the top future technology predictions 2020. Liebhold holds that “It’s a problem in every way — logistically we can’t do it, cost-wise we can’t do it, and technologically it’s improbable. Oh well.” The military might have its prototype, well, but the tech might not trickle down to the rest of other departments, so it’s far away from flying uber we are talking about.

Microchips will get implanted in our brainsMicrochips will get implanted in our brains

Most likely, we will not be controlling devices with other devices by 2021. Well, the human brain has remained unconquered dessert for a long, but it’s most likely that we will control devices through microchips implanted in the brain.

“Neural communications are both chemical and electrical,” Liebhold says. “And we have no idea about how that works, particularly in the semantics of neural communication. So yeah, somebody might be able to put electronics inside somebody’s cranium, but I personally believe it’s only going to be nominally useful for very, very narrow therapeutic applications.”

All new screens will be ultra-thin OLEDsultra-thin OLEDs

Although in 2020, there will be stocks of “antique” LCD monitor screens, there will certainly emerge paper-thin OLED surfaces, many of which will feature touch capability. According to Liebhold, surfaces will become computational.

We will make it to the moon and asteroids and mine them

Commercial trips to moons
An artist’s illustration of SpaceX’s B.F.R. rocket

Commercial trips to moons are becoming a bustling space increasingly. Mining in extraterrestrial bodies, however, seems less likely because we are yet to figure out what long term space trip would do to our bodies. According to PopSci, commercial space exploration is great, but beyond orbital flights, things become more difficult, and therefore mining missions in asteroids are unlikely targets by 2020.

A $1,000 computer will function like the human brain

This prediction is likely to come true, which was made by Cisco’s chief futurist a couple of years ago. This will not be purely intellectual, but the ability. Popular Science predicts that this will be more likely to come true.

Universal translation in mobile devicesUniversal translation in mobile devices

This technological step is still under development in the form of Google translate and others from DARPA. The eventual universal translation will certainly happen in Cloud, in collaboration with other language bodies from companies and governments. Popular Science holds this prediction so probable, though with varying degrees of accuracy depending on the language.

We’ll finally see some decent AR glassesdecent AR glasses

According to Popular Science, we are right halfway there. You see, the augmented reality is obvious on today’s smartphone apps, but we want more. We are after far richer, more customizable, relevant, and easily accessible AR overlaid directly onto whatever we cat our eyes land onto. But that will depend on the glasses and GPS, which should accurately keep up with the real-world by 2020 and the spatial web with geolocation data.

We’ll create a synthetic brain that functions like real brainssynthetic brain

Research from Switzerland’s Blue Brain project thinks that once we have a computer with human brain processing power, which means we will be able to build a brain from scratch. But as we progress with brain-building, the field will advance in complexity. I hope you enjoyed or future technology predictions!

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