Things that Make Yerevan an Ideal Holiday Destination

Written By Alla Levin
August 14, 2019
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Things To Do in Yerevan -Why It is an Ideal Holiday Destination

Most people plan months and years to take trips to big cities like Japan, London, Italy, and Paris.

Amidst the scurry of looking for places they can visit, small countries like Armenia loses the race.

The capital of Armenia, Yerevan, is a paradise in itself.

From cost-effective travel plans to a place of history and culture, this city is on par with other metropolitan cities.

You can book Yeveran holiday packages to plan your tour in an easier way for the city.

Here are 5 things that make this city an ideal holiday destination and things to do in Yerevan.

History and CultureThings To Do in Yerevan

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, has its history dated back to Noah and the great flood in the Roman Catholic Bible.

The city is full of important historical heritage and culture.

It has great importance in the current times as it cradles some of the great buildings of the Soviet era.

The Cafesiian Centre of Arts is not only a place for budding artists to visit but also holds great relevance to tourists in understanding art and culture.

FoodThe meatballs or ‘Kadaif’

If you consider yourself a foodie, then the city would not disappoint you. The local cuisine of Yerevan would surely serve you well.

The local wine would quench your thirst and the exceptional ‘Tan,’ which is an Armenian yogurt drink can make you lick your lips blue.

The ‘Keufta’ is another cuisine that is fresh of Armenian descendants and will make you lose your mind.

The meatballs or ‘Kadaif’ are one good reason for you to visit Yerevan. One should surely try these local dishes in Yerevan.

Transportromantic evening

If you are looking to spend a romantic evening walking and want to avoid the city buzz, Yerevan is your place to take refuge from dreading city life.

The city is peaceful and has minimal cars and buses on the road.

You can walk all the way through the city and never get tired of its pleasant aura. It is a quaint city in the heart of Armenia.

When or so you get tired, you can take a taxi, which is easily available, to your hotel.


We all have our moods spoiled with mishaps happening to us while at our tour.

Yerevan can guarantee you a safe tour. It is highly suitable for women travelers and the protection and patrol of police are very strict.

Yerevan does not have issues regarding religious turbulence or terrorism of any kind.

Pubs and Clubs are a part of a perfect Yeveran holiday packagesPubs and Clubs Yerevan

It might sound like Yerevan is a boring city but it is not. The city has many cool pubs and bars where you can sink into your vacation vibe and enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

The El Sky Bar, which is situated on the rooftop of the Yerevan Plaza building is one of the most hip-and-happening bars.

The city is a beautiful place to be. With full of history and culture along with a decent nightlife, one cannot miss it.

It has the best crowd and people in the world. It is a must-visit and to find assistance you can always look up Yerevan holiday packages.

Yerevan is relatively affordable a trip package.

Why miss it? Yeveran holiday packages are waiting for you!

If this is not enough reason for you to visit Yerevan, let me spill the beans, ‘Shawarma’ is from Yerevan, Armenia.

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