5 SEO Tactics That Work in 2020

Written By Alla Levin
August 18, 2019

Check These SEO Tactics That Still Work in 2020

The SEO game is constantly changing, as Google and other search engines seek to maximize user experience.

Long-ago strategies such as keyword stuffing and exact-match domains are no longer effective.

Although Google does not announce when it implements a new SEO tactic.

Therefore you always should follow internet trends and catch the latest in SEO.

If you are seeking to penetrate the dynamic e-commerce industry in Singapore, you can take a look at the different things you need to note for SEO in Singapore.

Below are some of the SEO tactics that work in 2020.

Understanding searcher intentSearch Engine Marketing process.

Today, keyword research must incorporate a thorough dig into searcher intent.

Searcher intent refers to the motive of a particular search engine query.

Ranking on the first page of Google search results is not enough. Today you have to understand the entire Search Engine Marketing process.

If readers click on your page and come across irrelevant content, they will exit your site prematurely, which will pull your website ranking down.

You can identify searcher intent by examining the SERPS to see if there is uniformity in content provided, searching different variations of the search query and noting the results, and so on.

After identifying searcher intent, you need to create high-quality, preferably long-form content that meets the needs of your readers.

Understanding searcher intent is one of those different things you need to note for SEO in Singapore.

Watching your competitors is you are looking to start SEO in Singapore

If you want to get ahead in SEO, you cannot afford to ignore your competitors.

Perform a competitor analysis regularly to see what your competitors are ranking for, how they have optimized for SEO, and so on.

You can also identify relevant keywords that your competitors have not fully utilized and see if you can beat them on those by creating relevant content.

Optimizing for video and imagesSEO in Singapore

The video makes up over 50% of website traffic. You need to include videos as part of your SEO strategy.

YouTube videos are especially powerful to increase your SEO ranking.

You can optimize videos for SEO by using a relevant keyword in the title, including a full description of the video to make it easy for people to understand what your video is about, and using captions or a transcript.

Here is everything you need to know about video marketing for your business.

Website speed and navigation and general user experience

Fast access to your site is a top contributing factor to SEO friendliness. Slow-loading websites lead to increased bounce rates, which lower your SEO ranking.

Users should also find it very easy to navigate your site and find what they are looking for. Websites with social media buttons are also preferable as they make sharing content easy for interested readers, which increases traffic to your site.

Backlinks from high authority sites are still top one SEO Tactics

video marketing for your business.

Google chooses quality over quantity of backlinks. Quality backlinks mean that high authority sites have referenced your site.

Some tactics you can use to build high-quality backlinks include creating competitive content, including external links and reaching out to the high-domain sites, writing testimonials for other websites, and so on.

Be careful with too many backlinks as they could work against you. Linking to spammy sites will lower the credibility of your site.

Never be comfortable with your current SEO success, always seek to do better and catch up with the latest SEO trends to get to or remain at the top.

It’s just the begging, but at least you have got some vital things to note for SEO in Singapore.

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