Effects of Cannabis & Weed on the Brain During Work for A Business Owner

Written By Alla Levin
August 19, 2019
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Check the Cannabis Effect on the Brain During Work

As the US and other countries around the world are establishing the legality of marijuana use, consideration should be given as to the effect this has on persons who use it. Research has shown that marijuana is reasonably safe when compared to other drugs.

However, many persons have questions about the usage of marijuana in the workplace. Questions such as: Is it safe? Cannabis Effect? Does it have any effect on performance? Does it create any problems? The answers to these questions will depend largely on when and how it is used by persons. Thus detailed data can be fetched through www.topshelfbc.com.

The Effect on Driving and Operating Heavy Equipmenthow to pass a hair follicle drug test at work.

Cannabis use is on the rise, but regardless of its increased recognition, it does affect the user’s capability to function. Research suggests that cannabis use increases the user’s risk of being implicated in motor vehicle accidents.

With this information, the conclusion can be drawn then, that problems at the workplace will occur. Especially in situations that require operating machinery and equipment or working safely in an unsafe environment.

It’s really a matter of concern then for employers at the workplace and hence the requirement for workers to undergo drug screening. The concern for marijuana users whose employers require random drug screening at the workplace may very well be how to pass a hair follicle drug test at work.

Getting High at the Workplace

Persons who use cannabis ordinarily, won’t necessarily use it at work. However, for the persons who smoke it at work, they are obviously suffering from marijuana use disorder that prevents them from recognizing when it is okay or not okay to use. Cannabis use has an immediate effect on the user such as fatigue, failure to concentrate, and a “high” feeling, which can all affect productivity in the workplace

In cases where some states have legalized marijuana use, legalization is merely for recreational purposes and its consumption is looked upon in the same way as alcohol. Many workplaces are against cannabis use and it is only accepted if it is for medical needs. Using it at home is okay if the user has enough time to get sober before going to work. This will not likely have any negative effect on performance unless the person has a serious addiction. Check simple but effective tips for clearing drug tests.

Long Term Effects on the Brain

Cannabis Effect

Although many cannabis users are not hooked on the drug and can make sound short-term decisions, for example, not smoking on the job, it really has significant long-term effects on the brain. One of the most prominent effects is that the user eventually develops increased fear and unease.

Consequently, persons who have ongoing mental disorder issues, like depression and anxiety are twice as prone to fear, and other substance abuse. It simply because they are abusing other intoxicating drugs inclusive of alcohol. Read more about addiction here. What’s the bottom line?

The more frequent the usage, the more effect it has on your brain and your ability to function. If you smoke it recreationally you probably will not have any problems, whereas if you’re a habitual smoker you most likely will.

Modifying Rules and Guidelines

In order to create cannabis tolerance rules that are beneficial at the workplace, the existing state regulations and guidelines must be reviewed. There are some states that allow employers to penalize workers who smoke marijuana even if they have a card allowing usage for medical purposes.

However, there are other states that do not allow for disciplinary actions except in situations such as if a worker gets ‘high’ on the job is caught. Especially using it or if the work association would punish the company for not taking disciplinary actions. It would be good if you could learn more about the state laws regarding the use of marijuana or tolerance, so you can make meaningful decisions on how using it will impact your life.

Cannabis Addiction go to rehab why do it and what happens.

Research indicates that marijuana addiction affects about 8 percent of all users as compared with 9-13 percent of the populace that is addicted to many other substances. This definition for addiction is nonstop usage of marijuana despite the negative effects it will have on the user’s life.

These harmful effects include paranoia combined with withdrawal symptoms once you have stopped using the drug. It is obvious that cannabis has become a popular drug. However, being addicted to this drug is considered a severe disorder.

Weed addiction falls into the same category as the behavioral and mental disorders associated with heroin or alcohol addiction. When you’re addicted to cannabis it creates a negative impact on your ability to perform well on the job, your productivity, general safety, and your interaction with others at work.

Once you develop an addiction to the drug, it will influence every aspect of your life. Your job will no longer be important because you will be fully absorbed in using and buying the drug continuously to feed your addiction.

The bottom line is you will be tardy for work. You’ll not show up for work, your concentration level will be compromised, loss of adequate sleep and putting everyone’s safety including your own at risk. Check this URL for more information: https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/medical-marijuana-2018011513085

Cannabis Effect: Getting Help or How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test at Work

If you have a family member, co-worker or if you are suffering from marijuana addiction, it is a serious issue. Although cannabis use is not as addictive as hard drugs like opioids, nearly 50 percent of all long-standing users suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

Many of them will go out of their way to get the drug and may even put others at risk while doing so. Help is there, however. Check if you need to go to rehab: why do it and what happens. Detox and treatment can solve the problems and the primary issues that are the basis for using drugs. Anyone who is a frequent and long-term user will sooner or later be affected by the drug.

In fact, duration or length of use is one of the usual signs of weed addiction. If you have a loved one who is suffering from substance abuse, it is important for you to get help for them, so that they can get their life back to normal.

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