Best Seattle Area Suburbs to Live 

Written By Alla Levin
September 05, 2019

Best Seattle Area Suburbs to Live

Choosing a new home can be quite a tricky task. After all, there’s a ton of house designs to choose from, and especially more locations to build houses in.

However, if you’re thinking of Seattle as a location, you’re in luck – as we have information on some of the best Seattle area suburbs to live in. So before you call long distance movers or before you buy a house, try to consider some of these Seattle locations for your perfect suburban home, and Seka Moving can help you with your actions.

Mercer IslandMercer Island

Mercer Island delights its homeowners with amazing waterfront properties. Homes here boast ranch-style, contemporary, and craftsman homes that can surely jumpstart your decorating fantasies.

This suburban area is just a bus ride or a 20-minute drive away from downtown. However, if you live here, you don’t need to leave town to bask in its amenities. Local restaurants and other scenic locations such as Pioneer Park are perfect for adventurers.


Woodinville has spacious private lots with farmhouses, artisans, and contemporary homes. Perhaps Woodinville is best known for its fresh local produce and wineries, as well as a scenic hike in its famous Bassett Pond Natural Area. This suburb is perfect for those looking for a home in a place that’s easy to access but not overwhelming as well.


Redmond has a wide variety of home options for all sorts of homebuyers. You can get sprawling farmhouses, historic craftsman houses, contemporary homes, and even chic modern houses in various acres of lots. This makes Redmond such a popular spot for those looking for neighborhoods with various unique home settings. In addition, its Marymoor Park is perfect for outdoor lovers, and Redmond Town Center has a ton of good dining and shopping options.


Issaquah is a close contender for a suburb with a ton of housing options, as you’ll find various craftsman houses, contemporary homes, Tudor-style settlements, as well as various townhouses in the vicinity.

Perhaps more interesting is that the suburb is surrounded by parks and forests such as the Lake Sammamish State Park, Tiger Mountain State Forest, Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park, and Squak Mountain State Park. This suburb is perfect for those who want to have a new place to explore every weekend.


Newcastle is a delight to be in, especially if you want to bask in nature but still feel safe and cradled in delightful neighborhoods.

The neighborhood has a ton of Tudor-style homes and stately craftsman houses. However, more than that are amazing approaches to landscaping, such as waterfront views and mature trees. In addition, you can delight yourself in locations such as Coal Creek Park and the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park.


Medina is a good neighborhood if you’re looking for a populated suburb. Additionally, this place is perfect if you want to host parties, as this place has a population that’s almost as much as the metro area of Seattle.

Many people want to live in Medina because of its abundance of schools and good real estate, so this is definitely a place to look out for.

BellevueBellevue, Wa

It is the perfect spot for art and culture enthusiasts, and this is reflected in the sheer style reflected in the many homes there. If you’re a new couple looking for a new home, you can delight in its craftsman-style homes, as well as various traditional and modern designed homes that are perfect for the prospective homeowner. It’s also home to the Bellevue Arts Museum, as well as the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. This, coupled with a ton of dining options at Bellevue Square, make it a good place to be in.


A quiet and beautiful touristic suburb east of Seattle, its population was 89,557 in a 2018 census estimate, which made Kirkland the sixth-largest city in the county and the thirteenth-largest in the state.


Check more reasons why people choose to move to Bothell, WA, and why it is one of the best Seattle Area Suburbs to live in.

Best Seattle Suburbs: It’s About Comfort, Preference

Remember, when choosing your new home, Seattle’s area suburbs seem to be great choices for you. Each of them, while suburbs at large, offer new sights, leisurely areas, and different “themes” you can delight in, especially if you want to “define” your new home experience. Do be careful about choosing your home, though, especially if you’re going to hire moving companies.

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