FamiSafe: The Reliable Parental Control App

Written By Alla Levin
September 15, 2019

The Reliable Parental Control App

Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs of one’s life and with this decade’s Z-generation it is even tougher. Times are not easy as every child today has access to the internet where there is an overflow of information.

All sorts of things happen some good and some bad but when you hand your child a device that is connected to the internet you never know that it is a good decision or not.

Also, the children are smart today and they can find numerous ways to hide things from their parents. However, developers at WonderShare understand your fears and concerns about the safety of your child.

Hence they have developed an app that will help you keep track of your child’s activities without your protective nature being overbearing for them.

Here are some of the features with an understanding that how they can help you keep an eye on your child

Real-time location

Once your child’s school hours are over they are off the campus grounds they’re not the responsibility of the school.

Now if both parents are working it is not possible from them just to leave everything every day to give rides to their children from home to house.

Hence came vans but they always aren’t safe, so to help you this app has real-time tracking by which you can know every single minute that at what position your child is and at what place.

Location HistoryFamiSafe smart schedule

Not only do they allow you to know the position of your child live but also they save the location history. So if you by any chance missed the time your child was headed home.

You can always check that by which route your child went home and be assured that they followed the path you taught them without being distracted to go to other locations

Setting Geofences

Now some parts of the city are always dirty and you don’t want your child around there especially not in your absence.

Hence mark those places on geo-fence in the app, if by any chance your child steps a foot in that area the app will notify you with an alarm.

Parental Control App: Smart schedule

Mobile devices are addictive to both children and adults alike even if you want you can’t ignore the tempt so kids are much less likely to avoid them.

Hence here FamiSafe smart schedule comes in handy. By using this app you can set a schedule that when the mobile will be turned off and when it will available for them to use it.

By this, you can control your child’s screen time and also ensure they have a balanced virtual and real life.

FamiSafe app is not a want but a need but a necessity in today’s virtual world. It is essential for you and your child’s safety.

They have amazing monthly, yearly and quarterly plans which are as follows

  • Monthly

The plan covers the fees for all the applications costing $9.99

  • Quarterly

The plan covers the cost of a quarter year that stipulates to four months costing $19.99 from which you will be billed $6.66 each month

  • Yearly

The plan costs $59.99 in total and you will be billed by $4.99 each month

So now that you’ve heard of their affordable plans with their amazing features.

We have one more good news that if you use the coupon code SENFSOFF you’ll get a further 20 % reduction of costs.

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