Luxury Villa Rental: How to Do It Right  

Written By Alla Levin
September 14, 2019

Luxury Villa Rental: How to Do It Right

Have you ever dreamt of traveling like a celebrity? Well, you can get a piece of the experience by renting a villa on your next vacation. Gone are the days when hotels were the only accommodation choice for holiday-goers. Today, there are property rentals and villa rentals to rival even the best hotels around the world. Not only will you get access to private property, but villas are also more affordable if you are going with a group of people.

Apart from those seeking private residence club florida, villas are also becoming more popular with group travelers. . It is undoubtedly an excellent idea if you are looking for the perfect accommodation for your next company outing or reunion with friends. But, how do you choose a villa from that is just right for your needs and budget? Here are tips to guide you.

Choosing the right locationLuxury Villa Rental Location

The first thing you need to decide on is the location. Do you want a beachside property or a villa in the countryside? You may also want to look into the proximity of the villa to the nearest city or town. Check the location and confirm if there are restaurants and stores near the property.

Another factor that will affect the location is the activities you are interested in doing. Does the villa have a pool and a gym? Are you thinking about swimming in the ocean or hiking up a mountain?

Ask yourself these questions and then proceed with checking the properties that appeal to you.

Verify the property layout and sizeLuxury villa rental often comes with additional services.

You need to check if there is enough room on the property for everyone in your group. How many bedrooms are available? How many bathrooms? Is there a big dining table and a complete kitchen?

You may also want to check for other amenities such as bathtubs and powder rooms. A laundry area is also an excellent addition if you are renting a villa for an extended stay.

Check available services

Luxury villa rental often comes with additional services. If you want a hassle-free stay, confirm what services are available or if you need to make separate arrangements in advance. For example, you can rent a villa with a private chef. You may also want to check if there are vehicles available for traveling around town. Housekeeping arrangements need to be made in advance if you want to avoid disturbance at certain times of the day.

Make a list of the features you wantLuxury Villa Rental How to Do It Right

If there are several luxury villas you are considering and you cannot decide, it helps to make a list of features. This way, you have a more objective look at which option better suits the needs of your group. It also helps to get as much detail as possible to ensure that you are not leaving out any potential consideration when you arrive.

Lastly, book using a luxury villa rental site. Book early so that you get to choose the villa you want and not merely pick from what is available.

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