A Detailed Guide on the Application Process for Kotak Credit Card

Written By Alla Levin
September 25, 2019

A Guide on the Application Process for Kotak Credit Card

A credit card opens up a world of opportunities for any potential customer as it makes life a bit easier.

Once you know the Kotak credit card application status, it is only a matter of days before the credit card will be in your hands.

For Existing Customers

The Kotak Credit Card is fairly easy to apply for and in much easier and simple in case you are an existing customer of the bank. Such customers also get attractive benefits on the Credit Card as and when the same is processed.

For existing customers, the process for applying for a credit card is fairly simple, and they can do so by logging onto the website www.kotak.com.

The Net Banking option has to be checked after logging onto the website. The CRN or Customer Reference Number, which is given by the bank has to be entered in the user ID. Thereafter, you will need to enter the password or click on the “Get Net Banking Password online” option.

Thereafter, the customer needs to click on the Credit Card Tab and on the Add-On Card too. The details as required are to be filled in, and the GO button option has to be pressed.

The customer needs to Review the details and click on the “confirm” button.

Alternatively, if the online option is not to be used and SMS as ADDON can be sent to 5676788 or the Customer Care representative can be contacted on 1860 266 2666

For New Customers

If you are a new customer of the Kotak bank, you can apply for a credit card by visiting the website of the bank.

A representative of the bank can also assist the customer in filling in the application, once a physical visit to the bank has been made. The bank representative will update the Kotak credit card application status; once all the requisite information has been supplied. In case of any shortcomings, the bank executive will notify the customer of the same.

The bank usually conducts a background check on the financial capabilities and profession of the probable customer. The current salary status and credit score are also an indicator for issuing of the Kotak Credit Card by the bank. In case any discrepancies are found in the information given by the customer, or if the bank feels that the customer does not have credible payback capabilities – it is the discretion of the bank not to issue a credit card to the customer.

However, in cases when the bank decides not to issue the credit card. A letter explaining the reasons for denying the card is also sent to the customer so that they are aware of the realities.

Most people who have savings accounts in the Kotak Bank and maintain good credit history are offered the facility of a credit card by the Bank. In such cases, a bank executive connects with the customer, visits the home of the customer, and does all the paperwork. The Credit Card in such cases reaches the customer at their home address within 15-20 days of the process.

New customers, however, also find it fairly easy to apply for the Kotak Credit Card on their own. The website kotak.com has an array of credit cards to choose from, and an avid card user will get an option to choose from among 18 different credit cards, once they check in the “Explore Products” tab and go to “Credit Cards” option.

They can select a particular credit card based on their imminent needs. A customer care representative can be contacted on 1860 266 2666 who will proactively guide the customer to choose the best card as per the requirement.

The application form has been kept fairly simple, and after filling in some basic details and a contact number, the bank representative gets in touch with new customers and guides them through the process of availing the benefits of a Kotak Credit Card. Once approved, the credit card reaches the customer who can use the same for shopping purposes as per the credit limit set by the bank.

Take advantage of the unique range of credit cards offered by Kotak and make your life a bit more interesting.

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