The Lowdown: Bilstein Shock Absorbers

Written By Alla Levin
October 16, 2019

The Lowdown: Bilstein Shock Absorbers

Take on whatever comes your way with a premium set of shock absorbers. If you’re comparing suspension kits or looking for a reliable replacement for your worn-out shocks, it’s worth checking out Bilstein shock absorbers.

Learn more about this premium brand and its OEM and aftermarket offerings to find the perfect shocks for your ride.

Versatile Use

As an industry-leading manufacturer, Bilstein offers a range of shocks for all your needs. From affordable twin-tube shocks to high-end gas-filled alternatives, there’s plenty of options to choose from. Here are the basic types of shocks available today:

  • Twin-tube
  • Monotube
  • Gas-filled
  • Oil reservoir

All shocks operate in a similar way. They use a piston and oil to create resistance as you travel down the road.

Uneven terrain would otherwise cause your entire vehicle to launch into the air, but shock absorbers keep your tires on the ground as you happily bump along.

Twin-tube shocks are the most common OEM option, while gas-filled and oil reservoir shocks are premium, costly options that are typically reserved for extreme off-road racing.

Reliable OEM Performancesuspension kits

Bilstein shock absorbers are often the OEM option for vehicles. Since many auto manufacturers trust Bilstein for their stock vehicles, they’re a reliable option for most driving conditions.

When you simply want to replace your same no-nonsense shocks with a new set, Bilstein is the way to go.

Compared to other brands, many Bilstein shocks are quite affordable. If you pick up twin-tube shock absorbers that match your original ones, you won’t have to pay extreme prices for typical, road-ready shocks.

While you may not always find industry-leading performance in every area, you’ll find reliable quality and budget-friendly prices for your twin-tube and other types of shock absorbers.

Race-Ready Aftermarket Options

Just because Bilstein makes OEM shocks doesn’t mean you can get a killer set for your off-road rig. Pick up Bilstein 5100 shocks for a rugged, off-road option that conquers rugged trails and dirt roads with ease.

Bilstein offers race-ready shocks as well, from Formula 1 race tracks to your own dirt race track. Enjoy high-end shock absorption that quickly cools your oil and prevents overheating from affecting your driving condition.

Bilstein oil reservoir shocks are leaders in high-end performance. The 7100 series is an example of leading designs that are capable of operating efficiently in even the most intense situations.

Pick up a set of oil reservoir shocks if your off-road racer needs a tune-up. Outpace the competition with high-end shocks that won’t quit and perform well even in extreme heat.

Replace or Upgrade Your Shocks Todaytruck parts online

Now that you know the scope of Bilstein shock absorbers that are available for your ride, you can shop for truck parts online. Compare simple, OEM styles with the latest in innovative racing shocks.

Bilstein is a great brand that offers a range of budget-friendly and high-performance options, so you can customize your ride for your next adventure.

Buying online allows you to quickly compare Bilstein shocks with other leading companies to find the best deal for your situation.

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