Trailer Parts Direct Review

Written By Alla Levin
December 02, 2020
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Trailer Parts Direct Review

Do you love camping or heading off into the outback in your 4WD? Do you have a caravan, RV, or camper trailer? Maybe you are a tradie or just a camper, but if you like being on the road, then you must have heard of Trailer Parts Direct.

This is an Australian company that’s an online retailer and a manufacturer of a wide range of hardware all designed for camper trailers, caravans, 4WD canopies, and Ute trays. Their range includes fridge slides, cargo drawers, gas struts, locks, handles, rubber seals, drawer systems, and much more. Much of their hardware can be custom built to suit your exact needs, but there’s also a big range of standardized stock available online.

Trailer Parts Direct Review: Why are Trailer Parts Direct so Successful?Trailer Parts Direct Review

One of the reasons this company is so popular is that it is an Australian company manufacturing its products in Australia using local sources. Apart from knowing that their products are made in Australia, you also know that they comply with our high standards, codes, and regulations.

Another reason why Trailer Parts Direct is successful is that they love what they do!

Everyone who works at the company and in whatever capacity absolutely lives and breathes 4WD vehicles and Utes, so they never sell any hardware they haven’t tested themselves. They know what works and what doesn’t work and don’t sell anything that they wouldn’t use themselves in one of their projects. All their staff is also very highly trained and know how to help people call asking for advice on one of their products.

For example, if you’re not sure of the size of fridge slides or gas struts, you need they will explain exactly how to make that decision and guide you through the process. If you’re outfitting the back of your 4WD for your next camping trip, they can help you select the right gear that will suit your needs and the dimensions of your tray. When people live and breathe their products, that’s when they can really make a difference to their customers!

What about their custom aluminum canopies?

As well as all the hardware they manufacture for your projects, they also make aluminum canopies from the ground up and customized to your 4WD. They can even outfit the inside of the canopy so that it’s ready to hit the road immediately.

From tapered wheel arch boxes, wheel guards, tap water outlets, built-in rear lights, and a spare wheel holder to a drop-down fridge slide, drawer system with slide-out bench, water input point, and much more. To top it off, these canopies are powder-coated, so they look awesome. To everyone at Trailer Parts Direct, these canopies are a dream setup, and their customers agree!

They even have a tradies tray package that includes a 75mm headboard, rear window protector, 40L water tank, marine-grade water filler, and breather and drops sides with stainless steel strap hinges. Then there’s the wheel arches, single or double taper wheel arch toolboxes, 12-volt pump for the water tank, pull out tailgate drawer and bench, side rope rails, inside anchor traps, and it’s all powder coated!

So if you want high-quality Australian-made products manufactured by people who use them on their own 4WDs, camper trailers, and Utes, then it’s definitely worth checking out Trailer Parts Direct.

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