How to Choose the Right Cremation Urns

Written By Alla Levin
October 27, 2019

How to Choose the Right Cremation Urns

If you’re left with the task of choosing the right cremation urn for a loved one, do not be overwhelmed. Not everyone is an expert in selecting urns, and that is completely fine. You may wonder if there are standards for choosing the right urn or if there is a specific size you need. While you can rely on your aesthetic standard to differentiate beautiful urns from regular ones, consider the following information to help you decide better.

Uses of Urns

Size, material, design, and cost may be deciding factors in choosing the right urn, but “use” can quickly narrow down your choices. Know where and how the cremation urn will be used. If you need to bury the urn, know that you need to comply with specific requirements. This can limit your choice of urns too. However, if you intend to display the urn at home, you can choose more freely and focus on the memorial’s aesthetics. On the other hand, if you want to scatter the ashes, your choices will be based on whether or not you will spread the ashes right away or at a later date.

Urns for burial

As previously mentioned, if you intend to bury the urn, it’s wiser to go for sturdier, simpler-designed urns. Check with your burial facility if they have specific requirements when it comes to burial urns. There are burial facilities that require protective urn vaults to keep the cemetery ground from collapsing. In this case, you might need to get a small metal or wood, or even ceramic urn, and carefully position it inside a burial vault.

If you want to save money, instead of buying an urn and a vault separately, go for a cultured marble burial urn. The urn itself can serve as the vault.

Urns for Columbarium Niche internment

This kind of urn is usually placed inside an exterior or interior wall niche. Since the place for these beautiful urns is limited, you need to consider the available area in buying the urn. Check out the specific home niche of your cemetery to know what urn size you should look for.

Urns to be displayed at home

If you want to display the cremation urn at your home, go for more expressive and beautiful urns. Wooden, earthy type, natural urns are the perfect choice for this set-up. If you want a unique appeal, you can choose handmade personalized ceramic urns with a delicate personality.

Cremation Urns for Scattering Ashes

There are different ways to scatter the remains of a cremated person. You can even wait for years before you spread the ashes. Others prefer to scatter the ashes right away, with the family members present for a proper funeral.

If you decide to scatter the ashes immediately, you can go for biodegradable and affordable scattering urns. These urns are eco-friendly since they are paper-pulp-based. They can also last for many years; however, if you want a more durable urn, you can buy urns made of a more robust and sturdy material. There are scattering urns with a magnetic side-lock mechanism to make scattering easier. This is perfect to scatter the ashes and long-term storage of ashes.

The use of the urn will significantly determine your choice of urn. Whether you’re a first-time or multiple-time urn chooser, knowing its use can definitely make your job easier.

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