7 Top Marriage Proposal Ideas for LGBTQ Couples

Written By Alla Levin
November 07, 2019

Marriage Proposal Ideas for LGBTQ Couples

LGBTQIA+ stands for equality and diversity. The latter is evident in the letters added to the initialism over time and the plus sign indicating the inclusion of many others. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people, queer, intersex, asexual, ally, and more are on this spectrum.

Theirs is not a conventional setup, and it’s common to ask couples in these relationships who proposed to whom and how they popped the question. The million-dollar question is, who gets to wear the ring?

No hard-and-fast rules about these engagements exist, which you can tell from various answers. You may be planning a proposal, and so is your partner. And if you are gathering ideas to pull off your grand plan, here are a handful.

Say It with Cupcakes

Who doesn’t like those bite-size pastries that are too pretty to eat? Find the best person who makes the best cupcakes in town, and have these appropriately decorated. Smuggle them without your partner noticing anything, and propose with freshly brewed coffee. The ring can go hiding in the frosting.

Speak Creativelysearch online for these magical diamond rings.

It has been done: someone proposes in the native language of their partner. You can use this idea with a twist. Instead of learning how to say “Marry me” to your Italian partner, research the phrase’s equivalent local idioms. The Japanese have “Will you make my miso soup?” for starters.

Get Merry on Christmas

Christmas is always a fine time to get engaged. Everyone is in a cheery mood, and you are likely to get a “Yes!” and a full house of well-wishers. Kiss under the mistletoe, and fulfill the tradition that you’ll get a marriage proposal, only that you are the one doing it. Even the brightly lit streets in the city are perfect for getting down on one knee.

Prove Their Expectations Wrong

Some places like Disneyland are a giveaway that a proposal is about to happen. Expectations will soar higher if you take your partner to the marriage capital of the world. Act indifferent about this bit of tradition. Instead, pop the question at home in front of your friends and family.

Take a Leapwomen can propose marriage on Bachelor’s Day.

The movie Leap Year centers on an Irish tradition that women can propose marriage on Bachelor’s Day. The thrill is not only about planning the proposal but making sure everything is set on February 29, which happens only every four years. You may as well hold the event in Ireland, which offers some of the most breathtaking views.

Dance Your Way through It

Public proposals are not for everyone; you need to possess courage and some moves. This couple met in a gym, and it seems right to pop the question in the place where it all started. It was a happy flash mob that became a heartwarming affair for the lovers. Glad it all worked out.

Marriage Proposal Ideas for LGBTQ: Propose Closest to Home

It can be a little shop on the corner, a quaint diner, or a park bench where you shared your first kiss. Find that one spot aside from home that you both cherish and spend countless times together laughing, talking, and sometimes, arguing. This place is part of your romantic history, and it deserves a spot in a new chapter in your lives.

What about the Ring?

With no traditions to dictate, either one or both of the couples can have engagement rings. Some also opt for commitment rings or promise rings, which may have to do with the lack of laws recognizing same-sex marriage where they live.

Styles and trends for engagement rings for LGBTQ+ couples also vary. Some may prefer a colorful band of gemstones that resemble the rainbow, a prominent symbol of the community. Or their choices can conform to a classic look with a personalized tweak.

Often you see couples who wear identical engagement rings but with variation in the setting, cut, or gemstone used. For example, you can both be wearing diamond rings in a prong setting but have different shapes for the center stone. The rings can have the same attributes in white and rose gold.

As to the weight, you can go for two-karat diamond rings. Some say they weigh like half of a raisin, but make no mistake about the brilliance that comes from these diamonds. Take your sweet time to search online for these magical diamond rings.

There can be more to your list of engagement-ring designs as there is to your marriage proposal plans. Go public in a theme park, or be as intimate with the two of you seated on the sofa. Work toward planning your proposal and finding the ring of their dreams, and get your partner to say yes.

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