Wardrobe Styles That are Loved by Interior Designers

Written By Alla Levin
November 06, 2019
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Wardrobe Styles That are Loved by Interior Designers

Wardrobe Styles – one of the most essential pieces of furniture in your bedroom apart from your bed is the wardrobe. It keeps all your trendy outfits and shoes organized.

Have you ever thought about where you would keep all your things if there were no wardrobe? Your bedroom will look shabby and untidy with your items lying here and there – View Post

If you are moving to a new home and you are looking for a wardrobe design that would complement your bedroom style, you are in the right place. Here are some wardrobe designs that interior designers are gaga about:

Sliding door wardrobes

If you have a small bedroom, sliding doors wardrobes may be the best option for you. These wardrobes take less space, as you do not have to keep extra space for the doors to open without any obstructions. Interior designer’s call these wardrobes rightfully ‘non-fussy’ closets. You can use a sliding door wardrobe with two or even four doors.

Sliding door wardrobes can be made of a number of materials. Some sliding doors come with an overhanging loft that you can use to store suitcases or luggage bags.

Traditional hinged door wardrobes

Traditional hinge door wardrobes: These are pull-out door wardrobes that come in different shapes and materials. This wardrobes design ideas offers a lot of versatility; it is not the best for small bedrooms or apartments because it requires plenty of space

Children wardrobes

If you are looking for a closet for your kid’s bedroom, then you should opt for children wardrobes that feature cartoon or anime characters and in general, appeal to the kids. These wardrobes tend to be smaller in size due to the small size of a child’s room, but they tend to have a lot of storage options because kids have a lot of things to store from clothes to toys.

Walk-in wardrobesWalk-in wardrobes

Walk-in closets are a dream for many, but you need a big mansion or a big bedroom to be able to fit in a walk-in wardrobe, and they are also quite expensive. If money is not a problem and neither is space, then this is the best wardrobe design that you can go for. They offer the maximum storage space to organize all your things neatly. You can even have a full-length mirror and makeup table right in your closet!

Walk-in closets behind sliding doors

Many homeowners (read wealthy homeowners) opt for walk-in closets that are hidden behind sliding doors. It is like the doors open up a new world to you where you see Chanel, Gucci, and Jimmy Choos organized.

Wardrobe with a TV space

Do you want a wardrobe that utilizes the space available and yet offers excellent ways to organize your stuff? If yes, then you should definitely get this wardrobe design. This wardrobe has a dedicated TV spot right in the middle of it and hidden handled all around.

Side pullout door wardrobes

Get this wardrobe if you want a very modern design to complement your bedroom. Designers added a little twist to the traditional wardrobes and came out with side pull outdoor wardrobes. The pullout door comes out sideways and has slanted racks so that your stuff does not spill out when you open the door.

All-in-one wardrobesAll-in-one wardrobes

Interior designers love all-in-one wardrobes, and that is because they come with a loft, a space for mirror, drawers and also a seating space. These wardrobes look great in any bedroom as they cover one of the rooms completely. These wardrobes do not come cheap!

Wardrobe styles with an attached study table

These kinds of wardrobes are great for students or for working individuals who live alone in their one-bedroom apartments. They offer excellent storage options while occupying less space, and the attached study table can be used to work on your presentations or homework. There are also shelves that can be used to keep books and other stationery.

Glassdoor wardrobesGlassdoor wardrobes

Opt for glass door wardrobes if you want to show off your stuff to visiting guests. Although they look great, you have to keep your belongings organized at all times so that it does not look messy from the outside. You do not want people to have a look at your wardrobe and say, “What a mess!” Since the doors are made of glass, you have to be very careful with how you handle the closet.

Wardrobe Styles L-shaped wardrobes

Is the wasted space on the corner of your room, your biggest concern? If yes, L-shaped wardrobes can drive your worries away. These wardrobes are designed to utilize the space in the corners. The doors are mainly sliding and not hinged.

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