Tips for Dealing With a Partner Who Doesn’t Cooperate in Wedding Plans

Written By Alla Levin
December 08, 2019
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Tips for Dealing With a Partner Who Doesn’t Cooperate in Wedding Plans

It takes a lot to organize a wedding. You can hire a wedding organizer to help you with the details, but you will still do a lot of things. The worst part is when you take on the burden alone. You will get married to another person, so it has to be a team effort. Besides, you’re going to face more challenges as a couple in the future.

If you can’t get through the wedding plans together, you can only imagine how worse it could be if you have to face tougher decisions in life. As such, you can’t keep planning your weddings alone. It doesn’t matter if your partner pays most of the expenses. You have to get through each stage as a couple.

Start by doing enjoyable things

When thinking about wedding plans, they could be overwhelming. It’s the reason why your partner might tell you to do whatever you want and decide on every matter.

However, if you start by doing exciting things like venue hunting, it could be fun. You can go to Oxford wedding venues together and see which place would be perfect. Consider it as a trip that you would do as a couple anyway.

You can also go to cake and wine tastings together. Meet with your suppliers to do these things. They’re fun, and even your partner will feel excited doing them. You can drag your partner to deal with other important wedding details if you start with the fun parts.

Have a serious conversation

If you feel like you’re the only one who cares about the wedding and you’re doing most of the heavy lifting, it’s time for an honest conversation. You’re not angry because you feel tired, but because you worry about your future.

You want to go through the storms of your relationship as a couple, and the wedding plans are a test that you need to overcome. Make sure that you remain diplomatic during the conversation. You don’t want to start a terrible fight even before you get married.

There might be underlying issues to discusswedding details

The lack of interest might not only be because of the overwhelming wedding details but because your partner isn’t necessarily certain about the decision to get married. It’s painful to think that it’s possible, but you have to face the truth.

You might as well discuss this bigger issue now and determine if you will still pursue the wedding. Be open to the idea of calling the wedding off if one of you isn’t sure yet about the idea of settling down.

Stay positive

You don’t want to think about the worst possibilities under these circumstances. You might only feel wedding jitters, so you start to think that your partner doesn’t love you, and other terrible reasons for the lack of interest. Be positive that the wedding will still go as planned and you will have the best day of your life.

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