DJ Wedding: How to Plan Music List for 90s Wedding Party

Written By Alla Levin
December 08, 2019
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DJ Wedding: Planing Music List for 90s Wedding Party

When people attend or plan corporate events and weddings, they usually think that everyone can be a DJ. However, not everyone can DJ as this task has its technical side, especially when we are talking about such a momentous occasion like your wedding party.

There are lots of things involved, such as song mixing, disc jockeying, beat-matching, and other things like sourcing good music on mp3 indir. That’s why you would need a DJ during your wedding to help you with the selection and planning of your wedding party list.

The Value of Hiring a Professional DJ

Just the way we don’t hire camerapeople to capture not only images but do beautiful and detailed photography. In the same way, you want to see some creative quality in DJ for your wedding. I have seen people who hired the top-rated bakers to make great-tasting, customized, and theme-based cakes for their functions. Why do they go for the best? It is because they need excellence, and the same case applies to DJs.

You don’t want your 90s themed wedding party to become dull with the mere transition of some gloomy music.

A professional DJ is essential in your wedding party. He will ensure that the sound system is adept. He will ensure the public address system creates buzz to lighten up the entire event. If you need your guests to enjoy the game, dare to engage a professional wedding DJ.

Another importance of hiring a DJ for your wedding is that he has experience in creating playlists, create thrill in your event as well as keeping the dance busy all the time.

While everyone can do the picking of songs, a professional DJ would do more. You need someone who has experience in the fields. He takes your event to a whole different level with fiery mixtapes and much more.

7 Pointers to Putting Up a Perfect Playlist for Your 90s Wedding PartyDJ for your wedding

Use Mainstream Songs For Open Dancing

For open dance, it’s recommendable to use songs that are recognized by most guests. You would want to learn your guests first to give them what would make them happy, such as classic party jam like songs by Pitbull, Rihanna, or LMFAO. I have observed in several wedding parties that older adults request for current hits while generation Z requests for 90s classic rock n’ roll!

Allow your guests to enjoy to their fullest!

Keep It 90% Fast Songs, 10% Slow Songs

You know that your wedding party is a mixture of both high and low moments, right? You, therefore, need to reflect this twist in your playlist by adding both fast and slow songs.

Recognize there are times people will dance close, or lazy, and at other times, people will be taking a drink which needs to be punctuated with slow music. I have seen the 90% upbeat/ 10% slow jams work magic for many wedding parties. Just to ensure you serve all appetites, ensure your selection features lots of highs and upbeat tunes with slow ones just to keep the flow.

Bridge the Songs TransitionMusic List for 90s Wedding Party

Some inexperienced DJs feature some silence between songs, something which sounds weird and potentially crushes the jubilation.

A professional DJ would flip between songs avoiding silence moments. That’s why you need a professional DJ. Although you can have some silence during cocktail or dinner hour, silence during the leading dance is a literary weird.

Cater For All Family

You’d expect families in all shapes and sizes to attend. You will need to determine family attendance, as this would require a special dance. For example, a father and daughter dance would require some emotional song while mother and son dance should be nostalgic, sweet, and full of love. For your 90s wedding party, be sure to dedicate some hits to your grandfather’s. Everyone’s preferences need to be considered so as to keep the dance floor packed.

Discus You Playlist with Your DJPlaning Music List for 90s Wedding Party

If you have settled on a professional DJ for your wedding, you will need to have a prior discussion with him before the big day. A professional DJ will always give some useful suggestions that can add taste to the quality of your wedding party.

You will need to present your playlist to your DJ and then let them give their feedback, incorporating the necessary changes.

You will need to discuss your guest demographics as this serves to provide a clear picture of the music demands. Be sure to let your DJ know your plans on line dances and dance floor options. Also, discuss with him whether or not your event is a top-notch or a lower-key one.

Play A Song For 90-120 Seconds

Today, the concentration span of people is drastically reducing. No one needs to listen to a 2-hour song in an event. The greatest secret to a great wedding party is Dj’s unpredictability and variety. It’s recommended that each song plays for around 90 to 120 seconds.

Make Use of Sites for Additional Songs

Apart from iPod and Spotify song downloads, you need to make use of online sites for additional ideas. On top of your friend’s song ideas, consult several online sites such as Practical Wedding” to help you find the best wedding songs.

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