The Best Tools to Tie Rebar

Written By Alla Levin
December 20, 2019

The Best Tools To Tie Rebar

The tools for tying rebar makes it possible to tie up to 1,000 knots per hour, and that continues for an extended period of time.

When compared to conventional methods for tying wires with a pincer, the armature tying unit not only increases the speed of work, it also improves productivity on site thanks to its excellent ergonomics.

The operator can work in an upright and careful position, the stress and efforts, especially in the case of the wrist and fingers, are markedly reduced.

They can also work continuously. Since purely mechanical equipment does not require any type of electrical current. They usually have downloadable batteries and long periods of charging, so long periods of use can be used sure.

The tying of the rebar bars with pliers and in a hunched posture has already gone down in history since with these tools it can be used in an upright position with one hand.

A professional team for everyday work in reinforcement, as well as for fixing plastic pipes to activate structural components.

In your quest to search for the  best Rebar tying tools, you will need to have a clear understanding of the benefits you will get by using such a tool.

User Benefits

Automatic Wire Ties are compatible with 18V batteries. The wire tie can be done automatically in a variety of applications, such as the construction of concrete foundations.

It can be used with only one hand, allowing the other to be free to adjust the position of the rebar.

Continuous drive mode for more efficient binding. The user can tie the wire by pulling the contact arm against the reinforcing bars if he holds the trigger continuously.

Users can also tie rebar by pulling the trigger as a simple mode of action. Depending on the condition of the binding material, the bending resistance can be adjusted in stages.

They are designed to improve resistance to dust and water to operate in extreme conditions.

They are ideal for prolonged use in high production applications.

The link wire you use is 0.8 mm, and the wire spool can be replaced simply by opening the spool cover and inserting the cable.

Crucial hexagonal storage in the tool, main switch with the automatic shutdown, ergonomically designed handle with a secure grip provides greater comfort at work.

Wire Tie For Constructionbest Rebar tying tools

Wire ties ensure that the bonding of the ferralla becomes an incredibly smooth and fast process compared to manual wire binding.

Tying the wire correctly is a crucial step in any cement construction, given that it will be responsible for keeping the reinforcing structures in place.

Tying machines work up to 5 times faster than manual typing, and each loop takes less than a second to complete.

They are also incredibly versatile, compatible with coils of all brands on the market today.

Tie Wire

They can be used to tie structures of ferralla, mesh, grid and any other necessary tie in the constructions with reinforced cement.

In addition, they have very high torque and require less material than other methods, which translates into savings of up to 30% in the materials needed for each order.

Although it is necessary to stop and recharge the tying machine always, it will not reduce its speed, since they can perform approximately 2200 loops per charge and have 14.4V lithium-ion batteries with a fast charge. In addition, they have a security lock to ensure safe storage when the tool is not in use.

The best tools to tie rebartool to tie rebar

Investigating the prices of these tools to tie the reinforcement bar, we have found these two, which for their price and promotion, help us to get an idea of ​​the cost of this type of tool.

The first one is Tying Ferralla IMCOINSA  with the Maximum tied diameter of 40 mm.

This Tying machine is presented with a 9.6 V battery with high autonomy, maximum tying capacity of 40 mm and designed to work with 0.8 mm wire, in drums of 100 m in length, also incorporating a voltage regulator Tied up

The Second tool is ATA-450 FERRALLA TIE  with a maximum wire thickness of 0.80 mm

It allows the mooring to be incredibly fast and easy compared to manual tying. With maximum performance and high operating speed, the electric it works five times faster than manual tying of rebar, and each loop lasts less than a second.

This tool is comfortable to use thanks to its compact and lightweight design, which allows you to operate it with just one hand easily.

So, there we go. By following the above-mentioned guidelines, you can easily select the best tie rebar tool for your needs.

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