Profitable Online Biotech Business Concepts To Try In 2020

Written By Alla Levin
December 27, 2019

Profitable Online Biotech Business Concepts To Try In 2020

There’s no doubt that the world of Biotech Business is changing fast. A decade ago, people were announcing that the reading of the human genome had led to precious few advances and that the technology had hit a wall.

Today, however, the opposite is true, and the potential for the technology seems practically endless. 

Tech was the industry that everybody wanted to be in during the last two decades. Biotech is the sector that all the talented minds will flock to in the next. It’s there that fortunes will be made. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some online biotech opportunities that regular entrepreneurs can exploit to make money. 

Hormone Research

Both medics and agribusiness need companies who understand the way that hormones affect biology. At the moment, the approach to hormonal therapy is pretty blunt, with Chemyo SARMs for research, that’s all changing.

It’s now possible to get hormone-like compounds that only target specific receptors, preventing annoying off-target effects that can damage health, vitality, and normal functioning. 

Hybrid Seedsdevelop and patent a special seed

While the idea of producing seeds might not sound like the most profitable of things to do in the biotech industry, it is. If your company can develop and patent a special seed that offers farmers desirable properties in the field, then you can potentially sell it to a big agricultural conglomerate and make a fortune as a result. 

Food Processing

Biotech plays a surprisingly significant role in the realm of food processing. Over the last forty years, companies have relied on increasing automation to make their operations more cost-effective, but today, those gains are coming to an end.

There’s now a drive to include more biotech in food processing to make it more chemically efficient. The industry needs better molds, yeasts, and enzymes that behave optimally. You can sell these products and ideas over the internet

Biodiesel ProductionBiodiesel Production

Using convention plants to produce large amounts of biodiesel isn’t a viable long-term solution. The crop takes up too much space on the surface of the planet, and it requires a lot of water.

Biotech, therefore, needs to develop new plants that are much more effective at creating the oils that these fuels rely on. 


Farmers know that if they want to continue operating profitable farms, they need to take the concept of agriclinics more seriously. Thus, farmers across the country need specialists who can help them measure and record data on the performance of their operations. The more information that they can collect, the more they can improve the efficiency of their services – something that is easier said than done. 

So what do agriclinics actually do? They work on things like soil testing, seed testing, diagnostics, surveillance, and control testing. They’re also able to tell farmers if there are nutrient deficiencies in the soil. 

Biotech Business: Making VaccinesBiotech Business Making Vaccines

Modern biotech tools are making creating vaccines easier than ever before. Researchers are now able to develop antigens using a specific monoclonal antibody, but can also use a variety of other techniques, depending on the pathogen.

What’s more, starting up a vaccine business is relatively cheap. 

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