Moving Long Distance: How To Pack

Written By Alla Levin
January 09, 2020

Moving Long Distance: How To Pack

Are you planning a long-distance move? Do you want to make the transition as smooth and organized as possible? Moving several hundred miles away to start a new life abroad is a lot different than moving across town.

There are a lot of things that you need to do differently when your move is a long-distance one versus a short distance one. That means you may need some tips on how you can make your move one that is as stress-free as possible. Read on and learn how to pack for your long-distance move.

First of all, start planning as soon as you possibly can. While you do not have to plan every step of the move, giving some thought to the big things you will be doing to prepare for and then make the move can help you with the packing process.

For example, if you know what you want to be out of your current home in three months, you can decide which items are okay to pack up now and which items you will use before you move. Then, you can begin to gather boxes and packing supplies. There are some different ways that you can do this. You might want to tell everyone that you know that you need boxes.

Many companies get rid of boxes every day, and if a friend or family member works at one of these places, they may be able to get your boxes. Some stores will save their boxes for you if you ask them to. Or, you might decide that you want to purchase boxes for your move. This is something else that is an option. When you have boxes, no matter how long before your move, and you can use them to begin packing your things.

How To PackHow To Pack

Consider how you pack your items for your long distance move. It is important to think about how you begin to place your items in boxes, tubs, crates, or whatever vessel you plan to use. Items that are being transported a long distance can settle in different ways and may be more likely to be damaged than items in a short distance move.

For example, if you are moving across town, you may be able to put your television in the back of your car for the trek. However, for a long-distance move, you will need to be much more careful with your TV and other items that you do not want to break or get ruined.

It would help if you made sure any fragile items are entirely wrapped and protected. It would help if you even wrote ‘fragile’ on your boxes to make sure that you or anyone else who handles them knows that the items inside can break and that the boxes should be handled with care.

After that, you can start to pack your boxes. You can begin to pack your items just as soon as you have boxes. Even if your move is still several weeks away, you may find that some of the things you have, you won’t need them, or that you can live without them until you arrive at your new destination.

The more you can pack before the move; the easier packing will be for you. As you do pack, you will want to write on the boxes that you are putting in them. While you do not necessarily have to write everything that is in there, a general statement will make it much easier as you begin to look for things and unpack.

Also, it can be helpful to write on the box the name of the room that it will go in. This will help you and the movers or anyone who is helping can place the box in its new room. As you go to unpack your things, the boxes will already be where they need to be. It will make unpacking that much more efficient.

To conclude, when you are planning for a long-distance move, there are some different things you can do to make your packing as safe, efficient, and organized as possible. One of the things that you can do is to hire the best moving companies to do all the packing and labeling for you as they are experienced with it. Consider the tips that have been shared here to help you make the most of your move and end up at your new home with your items in good shape.

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