Making Connections: The Key Tech To Help Your Business Go Faster

Written By Alla Levin
January 09, 2020

Making Connections: The Key Tech To Help Your Business Go Faster

There are so many aspects of the business to keep track of.  While realizing that you set the example to your employees, which is one key emotional component, there are so many other technical ones that you need to keep track of.

The overarching theme in any business is productivity, and we need to keep on top of this or fall behind.  And this can be pressure all in itself. But what do we need to have in place, so our business goes faster?

Cloud Computing

Arguably, this is the frontline of a streamlined business. Expensive servers are a thing of the past. The great thing about cloud computing is that it is flexible and reduces excessive business costs, and makes connections.

Using cloud services like cloud payroll programs or even software like Dropbox can allow any small business to use a significant amount of technology.  This would not have been the case a few years ago. But now, a start-up with a handful of employees can use the same technology as a leader in the industry.

Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence

It’s not a thing of the future anymore! While we need human interaction to analyze specific results and metrics.  The great thing is that now computers are able to come to so many different conclusions that if we are operating with a skeleton staff, we can allow the computer to do the work for us.  We can then focus on other aspects of the company.

Using AI isn’t just for the benefit of employees; it’s something you can pass on to customers. There are numerous apps that use predictive AI to help customers retain a sense of competitiveness. Arguably, this is one way to provide a service to customers without giving them a specific product that’s forcing allegiance to a brand.


Customer Relationship Management systems are commonplace, and if you do not have one, you are missing out on improving your back-office functions in so many ways.

These systems are in place for you to automate specific processes. Automation is one of the main buzzwords in modern business and CRM can help you automate these processes and keep track of your customer relationships.

Customers don’t want to feel like they are part of the herd. CRM allows you to have a significant amount of data on a customer, so when necessary, you can provide specific offers and benefits for them on an individual level. In this day and age where we have to be competitive on an individual level, CRM is invaluable.

Making Connections: Specialized Softwaremaking business connections

You need to look at what components can make your business run faster. Using specifically tailored software such as accounting packages can help.

But it’s also important to remember that if your business operates with a handful of components as its bread-and-butter, such as blogging, using dictation software can reduce typing time.

Making your business go faster is the overarching goal for so many. But while technology is a crucial component, you still must remember that it must work with the right people. Only then can your tech truly make an impact.

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